The Song of Moses: From “Walk like an Egyptian” to “Let my people Go”


Considering the fact that the Prince of Egypt (PoE) was made in 1998 and that I’m a major animated movie lover, I watched this movie (followed by Joseph- King of Dreams) well into my early twenties. Mostly, because I didn’t know it existed. Maybe that was a good thing. I’m happy that I got to watch it at an age where I could truly appreciate the emotional, feel-good vibes and artistic creativity that went into the making of the movie. From a creative standpoint, this movie exceeded my expectations. For an animated film, it was far ahead of its time when compared to some of the Disney classics that I grew up around. I watched Exodus God & Kings (EGAK) around the time it was released, however it didn’t have the same impact on me that The Ten Commandments(1956) did. What drew my attention to it was that it had adopted a different manner of recounting the Biblical tale, much the same as Prince of Egypt.


Both movies received harsh criticism for disrupting the true account of the Biblical story. However audiences should be aware that any film made, even ones based on true events, will use creative license in any manner they deem fit. Any film, especially those made on Biblical events should first and foremost be viewed as  a creative work of fiction and not the true account because there will always be a certain amount of bias and personal interpretation that goes in its making. Controversial films and the manner in which they are made should be welcomed, because not only do they draw audiences to watch them but tend to make them more aware of the true account, as they open up greater room for debate & discussion. At the end of the day, any person interested in the true version will not solely depend on one movie to influence him but will go back to the true source material for the Exodus story- the Bible.


Both, PoE & EGAK, while being different films in their own right do share quite a few similarities which I will be detailing below.

So Walk like an Egyptian and read on:

Hey Brother, there’s an endless road to rediscover

PoE & EGAK go to great lengths to explore the brother bond between Moses & the Pharaoh. There is no Biblical evidence to suggest that the “step-brothers” were close in any way, but both movies have explored this angle possibly so that audiences will become emotionally invested in the movie.


The PoE chariot racing scene between Rameses & Moses is one of the best scenes of the movie, one of the first to ever suggest that Moses may have had a mischievous personality, while the elder brother Rameses was more of the serious one. And it’s quite possible that everybody watching the movie was probably crying buckets when Rameses offers to cover up for his brother when he realises his brother has committed murder. Forget cover up- he says that a full pardon will be in order.


In EGAK, both brothers seem to have a habit of saving the other- Moses saving Ramesses in battle, Ramesses saving Moses from death and offering him a chance to defend himself by hiding a dagger in his pack before he is exiled. Ironical, since in the Bible, the Pharaoh (he was called Pharaoh, we aren’t certain his name was Rameses/Ramesses) tried to have Moses killed on learning that he had committed murder. The movies play on the brother bond, tugging at the heartstrings in such a manner that at times, you forget that this is a story about God and his people rather than a heart ripping tale of two brothers. The Biblical version states that Moses encountered two Pharaohs during his time and there is no indication that either of these Pharaohs were his “brothers” or that he knew them on an intimate level.

The Pharaoh’s got a heart

In most movies representing a version of Moses, the Pharaoh is the cold-hearted villain with everyone rooting for his misfortune.


But in more ways than one, you find yourself sympathizing with the Pharaoh in both PoE & EGAK since he is portrayed as likeable and struggling to prove himself as a worthy heir to the throne, while at the same time showing genuine love and affection for his baby brother.


Both versions go so far as to show that the events leading to his refusal to let the Hebrews go stemmed not from his pride or stubbornness but from his insecurities of not being good enough. In the Bible, the Pharaoh is portrayed as being more stubborn and hardhearted than insecure and his humane nature isn’t highlighted at all.

Moses had an identity crisis? Shit just got real

So apparently somebody forgot to tell Moses & Rameses/ Ramesses, that Moses was infact (shocker) a Hebrew in PoE & EGAK. Because obviously Hebrews and Egyptians look identical in these versions. I don’t know. I’m trying not to wiggle my eyebrows. Moses also seems to be totally into his Egyptian status and owning it in both versions.


In PoE, Moses learns of his Hebrew identity through a nightmare & Seti confirms it, while in EGAK, his history is revealed by Nun (Joshua’s dad). So because mirrors were unavailable at that time to confirm looks and Moses was too busy playing prankster/ general to bother to sneak a peek in the River Nile, on learning this he goes through a severe identity crisis.

Exodus_Gods_and_Kings_Moses and Nun Ben Kingsley Christian Bale (2).jpg

Again, this was probably done to make it more relatable to audiences, since a story tends to hold more value when its character goes through something you go through too- the quest of discovering who you really are. In the Bible, Moses suffers from no such crisis and seems to be perfectly aware of his Hebrew lineage as well as his adoptive status in the Egyptian royal household. He isn’t on any journey to rediscovering himself.

Wait, gasp I’m Hebrew: Mental breakdown in order

In PoE & EGAK, Moses’s internal struggle portrayed in both movies is real. In PoE, Moses has a mini meltdown with Seti and his shame over the murder and his lineage prompts him to run away.


In EGAK, Moses kills two Egyptian guards after learning about his lineage. The information was probably too much for him to handle?


In the Bible, Moses knows that he belongs to two races, one by birth and one by fate and seems to balance both identities. He takes the wisdom and lifestyle given to him by his Egyptian stature in stride but is shown to sympathise with “his people” as well.

My brother’s keeper

PoE & EGAK are the only two films which show the Pharaoh actually trying to save Moses and prevent his death. In PoE, Rameses tells Moses he has the power to wipe the slate clean and begs him to stay.


In EGAK, it’s not the Pharaoh but members of the royal household who want Moses dead; infact Pharaoh slips Moses a dagger to aid him in defending himself when he orders his exile.

Moses-threatening-Pharaoh-Ramses-Exodus-Gods-and-Kings-Unbiblical-Blasphemy-e1416088665585 (1).jpg

In the Bible, Moses flees Egypt because when the Pharaoh learns of the murder he commits, he tries to have him executed. Moses leaves in fear of his life. I admit there are irregularities here, we know there are two Pharaohs during Moses’s time but if the Pharaoh who tried to kill him was the same Pharaoh whose daughter raised Moses in his childhood (this is assumed not confirmed) why would the Pharaoh be trying to kill his adoptive grandson? The conclusion I reach here is maybe it was considered a crime to kill a member of your own house, one that even royals were not exempt from. Questions also arise as to how Moses’s crime for murder goes unpunished by God. I don’t think it goes unpunished as Moses suffers in his own way. When Moses attempts to cover up the murder, the murder is still discovered by both the Hebrews and the Egyptians. Murder is murder in God’s eyes and even murders by a to-be-prophet wasn’t allowed to stay hidden. By being forced into exile, God allowed Moses to face rejection by both the races he belonged to on account of his actions. Furthermore, God brought Moses down from his princely status and taught him humility by making him assume the role of a shepherd. He also let a full 40 years pass before he approached Moses, allowing him time to suffer, repent & heal in equal measure.

As “Royal” as they come

PoE & EGAK chose to highlight what some people forget, that while Moses had the destiny to be a leader of the Hebrews, he was formerly a Prince of Egypt. Adopted, but still a prince in his own right as he was considered to be a gift from the Gods to the royal household.


Which meant that he was partially raised in the royal household and would have been privy to the teachings, customs and lifestyle of that race. It would not be a far-fetched idea that charioteering and swordsmanship was part of his status or that he could have been the trusted general of the Egyptian army.


The Bible does indicate that he grew up in the Egyptian household as part of the royal family and was made familiar in the ways of the Egyptians but does not mention his status or expected duties.

Did I just kill my nephew?

Since PoE & EGAK portray Moses having a close relationship with his brother, he does the will of God, but faces emotional upheaval when witnessing the troubles faced by his former family (Egyptians) and the slow victory of his latter family (Hebrews).


The scene in POE where Moses breaks down and is disturbed after seeing Pharaoh’s son dead presumably had everyone reaching for their tissue boxes because you realize that according to these versions, the death was personal as the Pharaoh’s son would be his adoptive nephew.


In the Bible, we know of two Pharaohs during Moses’s time. The Pharaoh who enslaved the Hebrews and a new Pharaoh who came into power during Moses ‘s time in Midian. There is no indication that Moses personally knew the Pharaoh of the Exodus, as popular fiction would have us believe. Irregularities are present again, since Moses grew up in an Egyptian household, one would assume the next Pharaoh in line was part of the same household, but there is no indication that their paths crossed or that the next Pharaoh in line was the son of the previous Pharaoh and part of the same line or from another royal line altogether.

Prince of Two Peoples

Since PoE & EGAK lay emphasis on his Egyptian status, these two films uniquely give the audience a sense of Moses really having something to lose by way of giving up his royal title. Since Moses was the adoptive son of Pharaoh’s daughter and considered a gift from the Gods, he would be legitimately recognized for his own claim to the throne. Some historical records believe that the Pharaoh’s daughter was the eldest in line to the throne making any children of hers, the rightful heirs to the throne. First in line, for that matter.


The movies tactfully avoid this assumption by making Moses’s claim a close second to the throne, with Rameses/ Ramesses being the older and firstborn son.  PoE indicates that Seti has a close relationship with Moses and was loved in the household, while EGAK portrays Moses as the General of the army, a revered & trusted position in the Egyptian royal household.


The Bible indicates that Moses refused to be called the “son of Pharaoh’s daughter” possibly hinting at the fact that he did indeed have a claim to the throne and renounced it. However it is indicated that he did so willingly, without being forced to give up anything by way of coercion and still remained part of the royal household.

And we’re done.

Moses asked the Pharaoh to let his people go.

And now I’m going to have to ask you to let me go.

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For the post is long & full of mashups


Valar Morghulis. All men must die. Laughing.

Normally, I try not to do posts pertaining to the same movie or book series but it’s Game of Thrones we’re talking about, so exceptions can be made.

This post explores the probable movie titles that could be given to some of our popular GoT characters based on the movie title alone, not the plotline. The movie titles (are from currently existing movies and can be looked up) given to the characters center around the essence or traits most befitting each character.

If you haven’t watched the series or read the novels, then this post will make absolutely zero sense to you and you’ll be left with nothing but Shame. Shame. Shame (see what I did there?). However, the only good thing you do have going on for you is that you know nothing. Just like Jon Snow.

Now hold on to your horses or (ahem) doors, and march on through this post. Like a White Walker.



































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A Post has No Name


Why know nothing, when you can learn something?

In life, love and work, there’s  a lot of things that Game of Thrones can teach us.

Charity begins at home. So does Marketing. For this reason (which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I’m a major GoT  fan and am currently rooting for Dany & Jon to get married, take the throne together and make lots & lots of babies.), I have attempted to explain the Game of Marketing using some of the show’s popular House Banners.

When you play the Game of Marketing, you either win or die. I give you a Song of Marketing Tips & Strategies. Here’s looking at 7 Marketing Lessons from 7 GoT  House Banners.

House Stark- Winter is coming


In Game of Thrones, since the Starks are the Lords of Winterfell, they live in a region where snow is their worst enemy and if they aren’t prepared for it, the consequences could be disastrous. The same is true in the context of marketing, except here we substitute the weather with a problematic situation. You have to plan for the worst and hope for the best. What’s the worst that could happen? What must I, as a marketer, be vigilant of? Being the middleman between your client and supplier puts you in the position of knowing the scope of the project and the strengths & weaknesses of both parties; hence a contingency plan must always be in order, keeping in mind potential problems that could arise from your client & suppliers. If “Winter” does come to your doorstep, you can put on your scarf and build a snowman, instead of getting frostbite. In Game of Thrones, the White Walkers are humanoid ice creatures hell-bent on covering the world in ice & ending the reign of mankind and the slogan Winter is coming is used many a time to refer to them, not hiding the irony that not only are they a problem but also made of snow and ice. To both, characters of GoT & marketers, the message is the same, in failing to prepare & defend against Winter, the problem you thought was a small one, might have turned into a bigger one when you weren’t looking.

House Lannister- Hear Me Roar / A Lannister always pays his debts


Hear Me Roar is the official motto of the Lannisters. The sigil of the Lannisters is a roaring lion marking both their ferocity in appearance and spirit. Since the Lion is the King of the Jungle, it’s roar is heard and heeded by all the other animals who bow to it. As a marketer you have to be a Lion, your ferocity in giving your client the best marketing service, both by manner & material, must be seen and appreciated by the client and heeded as a warning by your competitors. When you as a marketer put the “roar” in your practices, by default your ferocity will extend to work of your client. When you make your client feel like a king, naturally he will recommend you to other members of royalty aka more clients for you. The unofficial saying of the Lannisters- A Lannister always pays his debts suggests reliability & trustworthiness, once they have given their word it will be done/ or if they have borrowed goods/ money/ service from someone it will be repaid. Similarly, as marketers your word to your client must always be honoured and coordination & payments to suppliers must always be done in a timely manner to strengthen business relationships & goodwill.

House Baratheon- Ours is the Fury


Compared to the other greater houses, House Baratheon were newcomers to Westeros and yet managed to stake their claim to the Iron throne by seizing it from Aerys II, the last Targaryen King. The crown around the stag’s neck in their house sigil indicates that House Baratheon rules over all of Westeros. Budding marketing or creative communication agencies, new to the market, can take a page or two out of House Baratheon’s playbook. You may be new to the game, but when an opportunity comes, you carpe diem it for all it’s worth. Once House Baratheon achieved their ruling status, they didn’t just relax. They aggressively maintained that position. And here’s how they did it: they simply enjoyed what they did. Their house motto “Ours is the Fury” while suggesting that members were prone to anger and quick tempers also underlines the fact that their “fury” was felt by opposing parties when they engaged in war (which they did all the time to maintain their stronghold) giving everyone else the impression that they actually enjoyed the battle, that as warriors, they relished the good fight. As a marketing or creative agency, whether a newbie or not, the battle fought on a daily basis is the battle of creativity. To truly rule the market you have to stake, mark & defend your territory and to do that you have to be truly passionate about everything your chosen field entails.

 House Greyjoy- We do not Sow


House Greyjoy hailing from the Iron Islands come from a territory where salt is aplenty. Crops cannot grow there, thus reaping from the land was not a possibility and neither was any connection to the farming trade. The House  motto We do not Sow, while a direct reference to this condition, is also a statement of defiance. The farming class was associated with servitude and by their motto, House Greyjoy indicated that they are not mean to serve but rule in their own right. They have been in open rebellion against the Iron Throne and strive to seek independence for the Iron Islands. Since their trade lies in raiding their neighbours, this is a trait that marketers must not adhere to, but gravitate towards the House’s finer qualities like pride in their identity and the constant need to differentiate themselves from others. Although their trade was war, they mastered naval warfare and built the Iron Fleet which consisted of larger longships which can stand against any of the warships in the Seven Kingdoms.  As marketers, the services we offer must differentiate themselves from our competitors, making us the master of the sea/ profession. Moreover, the pride of a marketer in who he is, what he does and the profession he represents must shine out like a lighthouse. Even though House Greyjoy lived on harsh terrain, they turned the odds in their favour earning them the phrase Hard places breed hard men. Tough conditions toughened them- they never let it break them. As marketers when faced with stormy weather, we either learn to turn the tide in our favour or let the storm pass. In either case, drowning is not an option.

House Martell- Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken


While the motto of House Martell, Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken can seem similar to the mottos of the Houses above in their depiction of pride & aggressiveness, their difference lies in their quality of being self-aware & unyielding. In being self-aware, this means that all members of the House while displaying admirable House pride and strength of character were also brutally honest about recognizing their flaws (something which the other Houses don’t really tend to do). In doing so, this allowed them to play to their strengths and stick to their goals on a long term basis. As a marketing or creative agency, you have to realize your limits and capabilities even while you do everything in your power to go beyond the limit for your client. While House Martell never yielded to the rule of any party, in an effort to maintain peace, they united with the Iron Throne through marriage-alliance on equal terms, not conquest. Sometimes in providing the best quality services for your client, it is necessary to seek outside help in the form of suppliers or agencies offering similar services as long as it serves the interests of both parties in the same light and provides maximum benefits for the client. One of House Martell’s best qualities is recognizing the eldest female heir to the Dornish throne as a ruler, as opposed to the other Houses that only recognize male heirs over females. In the creative/ marketing field, lessons could be learnt in promoting gender equality between men & women in the workplace and all aspects of the profession, ensuring both parties are viewed on equal footing and given equal opportunities to grow.

House Tully- Family, Duty, Honour


In the Game of Thrones series, a living embodiment of the House Tully motto Family, Duty & Honour is Catelyn (Tully) Stark. Catelyn is fiercely protective over all her children and more than often follows her heart than head when it comes to her family. From a marketing perspective, this can relate to the relationships you build with your team in the workplace. Are you like a close-knit family? Understanding the role and capacity of your team members, offering every member a solid support system and performing your role in the process is what makes a strong family/ team and creates quality services that exceeds client’s expectations. While she has a strong grasp over politics and possesses insight into what makes Westeros run, Catelyn upholds the name of both House Tully & Stark and is seen as honourable by her acquaintances, putting duty over desire. While tying this concept to the workplace, we can view Catelyn’s alliance to House Tully as personal ethics & alliance to House Stark as professional ethics. In all the relationships that you cultivate with your internal team or external clients & suppliers, your honour must be felt at a personal and professional level. Your personal ethics must dictate your sense of honesty, openness, commitment, unbiased behavior, and responsibility as an individual while professional ethics must dictate a sense of confidentiality, fairness, transparency and proficiency as a team member. No matter your role at the workplace, at the end of the day you represent the company you work for- It’s your duty to honour the name of the family you belong to.

House Tyrell- Growing Stronger


House Tyrell’s sigil may be a rose, a symbol of beauty meant to awe rather than intimidate. However a rose hides the thorns beneath underlying the ambitious and cunning nature of the members of the House. Compared to all the other Houses, the Tyrells are the strategists- they prize themselves on picking the winning side- first the Targaryens, then the Lannisters, the Martell’s & now most recently the Targeryens again- and growing alongside it. As marketers, what we can learn from the House Tyrell is the art of strategy and endurance. In terms of business strategy, pick the market in which your business will most definitely flourish in. Study the market and be flexible since the market changes and you may need to change services/ audience/ approach. In terms of endurance, develop a long term vision for your business and see it through. Be patient and stick to your roots. When growing a plant or a business, first concentrate on planting the seed. Although it may take years, with a little tender loving care, it will eventually bear fruit. As part of their strategy in most cases, the Tyrells consider the act of surrender as a means to getting stronger. As a marketer, the sacrifices you face may be in the form of prioritization and compromising, which has to fall in line with your long-term business goals and objectives.  In any case, take care to maintain the brand status you have cultivated for yourself, so as you grow and bloom like a rose, you still manage to captivate anyone who crosses your path.

Reached the end of the article? Well done! I love you more than Arya loves her list

Now, on your way Lord Commander!


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Where does intelligence come from- the brain or the heart?

That’s a question my dad asked me recently. One of those random, spur-of-the-moment, out-of-the-blue musings that catch you off-guard. A seemingly innocent question right? With a seemingly easy answer? Wrong. My first reaction was obviously “the brain” (I totally blame academic conditioning for this) but the answer seemed too easy and knowing my dad, I knew that that wasn’t the answer he was looking for. “Not the brain” he said. “It comes from the heart, at least that’s what the Bible seems to believe”. On looking through various Bible verses, I found that to be true and on thinking about it, it even seemed to make sense. But the conversation my Dad & I started out with and the conclusion I ended up with were two entirely different “thought” processes.

Shall We Begin?

Are we Team Heart? Or Team Brain?

No Brainer

The first school of thought holds the head (brain) above the rest. I mean yes, certain areas of your brain do light up based on physical/ emotional cues and the brain does send neural signals to the heart making it respond in turn. This is the generally held viewpoint correct? And you will counter, the brain can “think” as it has been proved that damage to a certain part of the brain can affect the activity that your body is meant to be performing. Neuron impulses, baby.   Simply put, you will say the brain controls your body. Agreed. But what controls your brain? Your brain can be used to map out reactions based on sensory cues you receive to a particular impulse. It just tells your body what to do. But what tells your brain what to do?

Heart on a Mission

Similarly, the second school of thought believes that the heart wears the pants in the relationship.  This school says that the heart sends more signals to the brain than the other way around and based on your emotional state, your heart rhythmic patterns will affect your mental well-being. Science even says that the heart has its own nervous system that makes its functional decisions independent of the brain- meaning the heart has its own “brain”. The heart, like the brain, generates its own electromagnetic field, which is believed to be largest electromagnetic field within the human body. In the same way you can measure brain activity, you can measure heart rhythmic patterns. Abnormalities in the heart’s electrical system can lead to the heart beating too fast or too slow. But again, your heart is reacting based on a physical or psychological cue. Like the brain, the heart patterns are affected by impulses but even if the heart is the superior organ in the body and controls the brain or has a functional role that affects the rest of your body subject to the cues it receives, what governs the heart really?

Soul- Mates

And then there’s Me. And the conclusion I ended up with. A conclusion also held by a small group of (let’s just call them) my “Soul- Mates”.

It’s a small group to be sure, but this group is the one stuck in the middle.

Popular opinion states that electric signals are sent to the brain or heart, courtesy of physical and psychological stimuli as a result of your current environment. But what if it’s not the heart and brain reacting to physical and psychological stimuli but the soul- that invisible filter between the stimuli and the rest of your body (including the heart & brain).

The third school of thought ties the process of both thinking & feeling, not to the heart or the brain, but the soul. The elephant in the room that no ones talking about, because no one can see it.

The crux of the matter is that we are still trying to rely on a physical organ to indicate where our intelligence and so called “thinking” comes from. But what if that’s the problem to begin with?

What if thinking comes, not from a physical organ like the heart or brain but from an unquantifiable element like the soul?  The soul cannot be seen and cannot be measured so yes, this is mere speculation. But speculation in itself needn’t be wrong. Every soul is unique to the person and imbibes his personality- the way you behave will depend on this personality which in turn will trigger emotional & mental states which can be measured using the heart or brain.

The soul is susceptible to physical & psychological stimuli in your current environment and as such, every soul will be shaped from the experience it receives and also for the decisions it takes. I believe the soul is governed by will and freedom of choice and is in turn responsible for thought and emotion. On reacting to stimuli, the soul sends electric impulses to both the heart and mind to act accordingly which in turn causes the rest of your body to fall in line. Off-course all of these reactions happen so fast and with the soul being invisible, it’s easy to associate “thinking” or intelligence with more tangible organs, like the heart & brain.

The soul is nothing but divine energy- an energy that can be used for pure or corrupt intentions. However the soul is limited by the fact that it exists and is dependent on a very physical human body. So the soul sends impulses to the brain and heart and these organs send out impulses to the rest of the body. But while these impulses may be sent out, any damage to the brain, heart or any part of your body will in turn affect the function for which that organ is responsible. So say you are in a state of happiness, your soul sends an impulse to the brain to “be happy” but damage to your limbic system may restrict your body from exhibiting a happy state.

Various people have stated that certain organ transplants lead to the recipients imbibing personality traits of the donor. I believe that these are imprints of the soul, that your soul leaves distinct energy marks on your entire body. What is transferred is the lingering essence of the person- however the question of why this is experienced in only certain cases or how it can significantly alter another individual’s state is still a mystery for another day. If I were to wager a guess,  I’d say most of the traits that recipients seem to inherit from donors are tied to interests, habits, certain dominant traits or traumatic incidents. All of these inherited traits have one thing in common- they are all highly impassioned states- like the prowess of a musician, the addicted nature of a fast food lover, an aggressive personality or distressing state of a victim of trauma- a phantom imprint of which can be transferred to donors. This seems to point out that while the soul leaves imprints on the entire body, highly passionate traits can leave a stronger mark of energy which can be transferred to other beings via an organ transplant.

There is also the whole “life flashing before your eyes” phenomenon that supposedly happens before you die. If you are a Christian or believe in life after death or are of the opinion that every soul will be held accountable for deeds committed within his lifetime, then your “life flashing before your eyes” could simply mean your soul collecting your life’s account to prepare for its journey to another realm. The process happens so fast that what our human bodies are capable of experiencing in the final moments are just certain points of times in our lives-perhaps the ones that had maximum impact.

Since we are on the topic of the soul, another popular question that starts internet wars is the presumed location of said soul (atleast for those that believe there is a soul).  Some believe the soul resides in the brain or as part of / near the heart, possibly in response to their belief in whether the heart or mind is the more intelligent organ. I think the soul has no specific location or form. Rather it is bound to your human body until the time of your death and encompasses your entire being- basically spread out through your entire body, much like the blood in your veins- it’s the voice inside your head, the feeling in your gut, the inexplicable bouts of intuition and the direct line to your Maker.

To wrap it up, there is more to intelligence & “thinking” than meets the eye.

Like maybe, the Soul.

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The “Partner” in Crime


So you wanna make a cop/ crime thriller show?

There’s a standard format right? There’s the law enforcement agency /cops who are the good guys (unless you have dirty cops), and the criminals who are the bad guys. The cops and the criminals play a cat and mouse game throughout the show with the episode/ season/ show ending with the bad guys getting caught. So how do you make your cop show different from all the other cop shows out there?

With the secret ingredient off-course- the “partner” in crime.

The “partner” in crime here is most of the time, not the cop’s beat partner/ colleague or even part of the law enforcement agency, but is either hired by the agency to help out or takes it upon himself to help the cops out. That’s the other thing that’s special about the “partner” in crime. Since they are outsiders, they can be….wait for it…..just about ANYONE. You can let your imagination run free. The sky’s the limit, or even Heaven/ Hell as the makers of Lucifer would know. Take a look at some of the shows whose secret ingredients make them a recipe for success.

The Doctor

TV Series: Sherlock
Law Enforcer: Consulting Detective, Sherlock Holmes
Partner: Dr. Watson

That Sherlock Holmes is the best detective ever is stating it too plainly. With his deduction skills and exceptional intelligence, there never was a need for Watson. Except there was. Sherlock knows and acknowledges his own brilliance but at the same time felt that something was lacking. He is unable to put his finger on it but finds it in John Watson. John is Sherlock’s opposite and the one who keeps him grounded. He is his best friend, mother, flatmate, shopper, sounding board, doctor, and personal case blogger. He strives to bring out the human aspect to Sherlock and even though he isn’t acknowledged for it most of the time, is dear to Sherlock and his presence, invaluable.

The Beast

TV Series: Beauty and the Beast
Law Enforcer: Homicide Detective, Cat Chandler
Partner: Muirfield Beast, Vincent Keller

Borrowing certain elements from the Beauty and the Beast fairytale but giving it a more realistic feel, Vincent Keller’s DNA is altered turning him into a beastly creature as part of a super-soldier programme created by Muirfield.  When the beasts cannot be controlled, Operation Muirfield is shut down and Muirfield resorts to killing the beasts. Vincent fakes his death, escapes and saves the life of Catherine (Cat) Chandler whose mother is killed as she was instrumental in creating the Muirfield beasts. Together, Cat & Vincent work together to shut down Muirfield and any related threats. While Cat is not imprisoned by Vincent and doesn’t have to clean his house or don ball gowns like in the fairytale, she is the only one who can keep Vincent’s beast at bay.

The Con Artist

TV Series: White Collar
Law Enforcer: FBI Agent, Peter Burke
Partner: Art thief, Neal Caffrey

It takes a thief to catch a thief. As a skilled thief and art forger, Neal’s talents are recognized by Peter Burke who enlists his help to catch white collar criminals. While Burke is the one who put Neal in prison, Burke is a big believer in second chances. He sees Neal’s potential and often takes on the role of a father figure to Neal encouraging him to put his talents to the right use- his moral compass, so to speak. Neal on the other hand is Burke’s guide to bending a few rules and living life to the fullest. Neal is often shown in a state of two minds- stick to a life of crime and the thrill that comes with it or leave his past behind and start on the right track. Peter is also shown in a state of two minds- trust Neal or distrust Neal. Whatever their state of mind however, the two share mutual feelings of love, respect and a certain degree of admiration for the other. Neal’s skills take a bow when he fakes his own death at the end of the show and leaves Peter clues to catch/ find him again.

The Wesen

TV Series: Grimm
Law Enforcer: Homicide Detective, Nick Burkhardht
Partner: Wesen Blutbad, Monroe

When he reaches a certain age, Nick’s powers of a Grimm (Wesen Hunters) manifest allowing him to see Wesen or creatures of the Grimm World, not otherwise visible to the human eye. Wesen, while appearing human, can unfold their bestial appearance to the human eye, if they please. However when they are going through extreme emotions, their Wesen forms are visible to a Grimm. While Nick’s ancestors chose to hunt & exterminate all Wesen, Nick’s background as a detective and his own inbuilt morality allows him to hunt down only the wicked Wesen. Monroe, a Blutbad (Wolf to us, Muggles) is the first Wesen whom Nick encounters and his knowledge of the Wesen community makes him the perfect library source for Nick when his ancestor’s Grimm-oires turn out to be not so helpful. He also reaches out for help from certain members of the Grimm community who would not be too comfortable with a Grimm asking them for aid and helps Nick on Grimm cases which fall outside the lines of law enforcement. Nick & Monroe are both disruptors of the status quos of their own communities. Nick refuses to follow the path of his Grimm ancestors to kill all Wesen, choosing instead to seek out the good in them, before taking hasty action against them. Monroe refuses be an enemy to all Grimms because not all of them are ruthless killers and it is this trait that makes them the best of friends and allies.

The Immortal

TV Series: Forever
Law Enforcer: Detective, Jo Martinez
Partner: Henry Morgan

Henry Morgan comes as close to Sherlock Holmes as any other character could and while helping Jo solve cases using his Sherlockian persona and background of a medical examiner, the greater part of his time is spent in seeking the answers to his own immortality.  After his first death in 1814, he realises that death is really not an option for him. Every time he dies after his first death, his body appears in a nearby body of water and finding clothes to mask his nakedness becomes his main priority. While belonging to two different time periods, Jo and Henry are drawn to each other in the present, and their relationship is a portrayal of love being a timeless concept.

The Criminal Profiler

TV Series: Hannibal
Law Enforcer: FBI Agent, Jack Crawford
Partner: Will Graham

Will Graham? Who is that? Will Graham is one of the most overlooked characters in the Hannibal series. Sure there was a book called Red Dragon dedicated to him and Hannibal but the book remained factual, never exploring any sort of relationship between the two, as majority of the spotlight was on Hannibal and Clarice Starling. The feels were certainly lacking. But no more. When TV show Hannibal kicked Will Graham onto the big screen, Will had his Harry Potter moment and suddenly everyone knew who he was. Will’s unusual ability to visualize himself in the shoes of a killer is a trait that Jack recruits him for and Hannibal can’t resist. Jack’s role as a protector and pressurizer keep shifting, he is always in two frames of mind: keep Will from going in too deep or let Will go all the way. Jack is the initial link between Hannibal & Will. While Hannibal doesn’t want to be caught, he really wants Will to catch him and hopes to twist Will’s psyche of understanding killers into the psyche of becoming a killer. Basically he was lonely and wanted freaking company because nobody wants to be your bff when you’re a serial killer. While Clarice Starling managed to reform Hannibal in the book series, poor Will has no such luck on the TV show because the TV show contract came to an end, so goodbye world and hello death by cliff jump.

The Vampire

TV Series: Blood Ties
Law Enforcer: Private Investigator, Vicki Nelson
Partner: Vampire, Henry Fitzroy

When she opens a private investigation office after being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, Vicki becomes the go-to girl for cases which the police have no time to handle; ironically all these cases have supernatural bearings. She meets Henry who is following up on her first case which screams “vampire in your face” which he most afraid will reveal his true nature. His character is based on the real historical character Henry FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset – the illegitimate son of Henry VIII of England. While blood ties would make one think of a relation, someone tied to you by blood, Henry is tied to Vicky by “blood” because of his need for a certain “poison”. And since Vicki’s only human, it’s always useful to have a vampire around especially when you’ve got really poor eyesight and a demon is trying to enter your town. And when the vampire’s hot, well that just sweetens the deal right there.

The Soldier

TV Series: Sleepy Hollow
Law Enforcer: Police Lieutenant, Abbie Mills
Partner: Ichabod Crane

Borrowed from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washinton Irving, the TV show revolves around the Headless Horsemen and Ichabod Crane, placed in a biblical-like context of the Apocalyse coming soon to Sleepy Hollow. Abbie & Ichabod are “Witnesses” of the Apocalyse and the only ones who can thwart it. Ichabod, who died in 1781 while beheading the Horseman, is brought back to life when the Horseman is resurrected as their bloods had the misfortune of being mixed when they died on the battlefield. Ichabod’s background as a history professor at Oxford, soldier and supernatural expert makes him an asset to Abbie in a show that highlights Christian beliefs (Revelations) and Buddhists beliefs (Reincarnation) simultaneously.

The Precog

TV Series: Minority Report
Law Enforcer: Detective, Lara Vega
Partner: Dash Parker

As a sequel to the Minority Report movie, we learn what happens to the precogs after the Precrime Unit was dismantled in 2054. The records of the precogs are erased and they are shipped off to spend their days in peace on a remote island. However the precogs gifts are still in active force. Dash’s precog abilities allow him to witness murders, Arthur’s allows him to draw facts from murders while his sister Agatha experiences the death of the victims. Now if majority of your life was used up in witnessing future crimes before they happen and you played a major role in preventing those crimes, how do you kick the habit? Dash certainly can’t. While his brother Arthur uses his abilities to slowly build himself an empire and his sister Agatha prefers to shy away from the limelight, Dash is drawn to his past role and is caught between wanting to save the victims and avoiding being used by those who wish to exploit his abilities, prompting him to explore a partnership on the down-low with Vega. The only thing this show was lacking was adequate viewers and funding. Oh, and Tom Cruise.

The Devil

TV Series: Lucifer
Law Enforcer: Homicide Detective, Chloe Decker
Partner: Lucifer Morningstar

Hell yeah! The devil’s in the details. Ever wondered what the Devil would look like on earth? Where he would live? What he would for a living? What he would dress like? What he would do in his free time?  Unhappy as King of Hell, Lucifer snips off his wings and makes his home in Los Angeles, the City of Angels (intentionally chosen, maybe?), is the proud owner of a nightclub Lux, dresses like sin in pristine suits (in one case, he actually quotes The Devil does indeed wear Prada) and solves crime with Chloe in his free-time. He solves crime not out of the goodness of his heart but because he misses dealing out punishments to the baddies. He retains his prime power of persuasion as a celestial being and can get anyone to tell him their deepest darkest desires. Everyone, except Chloe. In Chloe’s presence, he is rendered mortal, while in the presence of others he is immune to mortal destruction. There’s an interesting theory to this. Ever heard of the phrase love makes you bleed? The growing attraction between him & Chloe makes you wonder if love is his affliction. Oh and it also helps to know that even the Devil has daddy issues and needs a therapist, not just us, mere mortals.

The Best-Selling Mystery Writer

TV Series: Castle
Law Enforcer: Detective/ Captain Kate Beckett
Partner: Richard Castle

Booyah! Castle is here to write all wrongs! As a mystery writer, Castle’s first case saw him assisting Beckett to catch a copycat killer who was imitating the way he killed off characters in his novels. Inspired by Beckett, Castle decides to use her as the muse for his next novel series and stays on the force in consulting capacity. Although Beckett is initially wary of his ways, she realises that his imagination though a bit extreme at times, is useful when exploring the ways of criminals and most often aids her in forming her own conclusions on cases. Castle & Beckett are more than often, always on the same wavelength and spend most of the show completing each other’s sentences. In short, they acted like a married couple way before they actually tied the knot. This one’s for the book lovers. Meeting your favourite author? Check! Working with your favorite author? The dream! Marrying your favourite author? Better than any book plot you will ever read!

The Ape Man

TV Series: Tarzan
Law Enforcer: Detective, Jane Porter
Partner: John Clayton Jr. / Tarzan

Meet Tarzan. Straight outta The Jungle. The show explores what it means to be human and what it means to be a beast. While John Clayton Jr. / Tarzan’s instincts and mannerism may be animalistic due to his past upbringing in the jungle, his heart is pure and human. The same cannot be said for his uncle, Richard Clayton, a shark in his own right, who holds his nephew under house- arrest, claiming grounds of insanity so he can overwrite Tarzan’s claim to Greystoke Industries and keep his position as CEO. With all tales of Tarzan, no matter how many narratives are explored, the common theme that runs through every storyline is that there’s no Tarzan without Jane and vice versa. For once, Jane does not play a damsel in distress and hangs up the traditional yellow dress for a smoking gun. Jane got a gun? We can definitely swing with that.

The Vigilante

Fighting crime and trying to save the world, here they come just in time the powerpuff girls vigilantes! Admit it, you sang to this line. When your job as a vigilante is to operate outside the law to catch criminals, it doesn’t hurt to have the good cops on your side. Sometimes the cop may be your family (like the Joe West to your Flash & the Alex to your Supergirl) or your mentor (like the James Gordon to your Batman) or a family acquaintance whose daughters you may have dated (like the Quentin Lance to your Green Arrow) or a friend of a friend (like the Brett Mahoney to your Daredevil). In any case, vigilante with a side of backup is always a good thing.

TV Series: Daredevil
Law Enforcer: Detective, Brett Mahoney
Partner: Matt Murdock aka Daredevil

TV Series: The Flash
Law Enforcer: Detective, Joe West
Partner: Barry Allen aka The Flash

TV Series: Arrow
Law Enforcer: Detective, Quentin Lance
Partner: Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow

TV Series: Gotham
Law Enforcer: Detective, James Gordon
Partner: Bruce Wayne aka (The Future) Batman

TV Series: Supergirl
Law Enforcers: DEO Agent, Alex Danvers & Detective, Maggie Sawyer
Partner: Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl

The Prison Profiler/ Comic Book Enthusiast

TV Series: Alcatraz
Law Enforcer: Homicide Detective, Rebecca Madsen
Partner: Dr. Diego Soto

When you have a secret obsession with something, it helps to write books on it. Even if that secret obsession is the history of a prison. Because sometimes, the thing you obsess about may turn out to be way more interesting than you could have ever imagined. Dr. Diego Soto’s (Doc) obsession with the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary would soon be justified a 100 times over. Though he didn’t know it at the time, 256 inmates & 46 guards disappeared in 1963 from Alcatraz without a trace only to reappear in their cells in the present day. With no recollection of their lost time, but seemingly set with a secret agenda that only they have knowledge of. Intriguing? I mean, official reports that the inmates had been transferred to another prison holding aside (we all know the Government lies to us), Diego’s historic obsession leads him to becoming part of the task force that may just be involved with time travel. And yes, while we all love Batman and know he is a fictional character, he can still come to the rescue, especially when you use “Gotham City” as an example in your crime evaluation report to thwart the PhD dreams your parents had for you and open your own comic book store! Plus, you gain a detective as your new partner & bestie!

The Serial Killer

TV Series: Dexter
Law Enforcer: Detective, Debra Morgan
Partner: Blood Splatter Analyst/ Serial Killer, Dexter Morgan

This is by far the weirdest, funniest and creepiest scenario that any cop would ever have to face. Not only does Debra have to deal with the fact that her brother is a serial killer, but that he has been hiding in plain sight, using the police department’s resources to choose his victims and his cover as the department’s blood splatter analyst to throw off any connections to his involvement in the murders he has committed as the Bay Harbour Butcher. Oh yeah, and Debra also falls in love with Dexter, so now she has incest to add to her list of worries. Although Dexter’s “Code” compels him to kill only the baddest of the bad, making him a vigilante serial killer, he is still a killer and slave to his “Dark Passenger”. So while we may be darkly dreaming about Dexter, we would definitely not want to be on his hit list.

The Illusionist & the Agnostic

TV Series: Houdini & Doyle
Law Enforcer: Constable Stratton
Partners: Houdini & Doyle

Houdini and Doyle explores two themes in one storyline. The first is women empowerment. Constable Adelaide Stratton’s character is based on the real first female constable of the London Metropolitan Police Force. Basically she kicks ass as a cop, and that too wearing a floor length dress! The second is the universal battle between seen & unseen forces i.e. Science vs. the Paranormal. Not many people know that Harry Houdini & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were friends in reality, so it was interesting to explore their supposed friendship from a fictional point of view. Not forgetting, you’ve got a magical stunt artist on one side and the author of Sherlock Holmes on the other, so it’s really a win-win situation for everybody!

The Past- Version Dad

TV Series: Frequency
Law Enforcer: Detective, Raimy Sullivan
Partner: Frank Sullivan

You have Gilmore Girls for mothers & daughters and Frequency for fathers & daughters. How many of us have wanted the chance to talk to a person we love once they have passed on? How many of us would be tempted to save them from dying? With every story that revolves around altering timelines, the message is the same. There will always be a price to pay. Using a radio transmitter exhibiting a strange frequency, Raimy Sullivan discovers she can communicate in her present time with her father Frank Sullivan who is existing in the past version of her timeline. She saves him from a tragic death which he met while working on an undercover narcotics case but in doing so, she places her mother in death’s way by the hand of a serial killer called the Nightingale. So now she and daddy dearest have to work across time to catch the killer before it takes out her mum. They haven’t really learned the “do not mess with time” lesson, so a few more seasons should do the trick. Somebody, please make these two watch Flash! Pronto!

The Historian Professor, U.S. Army Delta Force Operative & Time Machine Programmer

TV Series: Timeless
Law Enforcer: Homeland Security Agent, Denise Christopher
Partners: Lucy Preston, Master Sergeant Wyatt Logan & Rufus Carlin

So yeah! The bottom-line is everybody needs to watch Flash! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cute history lover, hot operative, or scary villain with your own agenda. Good intentions and bad intentions aside, everyone’s messing with time. Lucy wants to bring her sister back, Wyatt wants to bring his wife back (if he has his way), the villain Garcia Flynn wants to destroy the Rittenhouse organization through American History because they murdered his family. I mean, why build a time machine (which can be stolen if your villain is a smarty pants) in the first place if you don’t have the intention of messing with time! Connor Mason of Mason Industries, I am giving you the squinty eyes!! On the plus side, it gives you a good enough reason to visit the milestones in American History, because history in its own way is a timeless thing.

Now pick your “partner”, place yourself under house “arrest” and do the time!

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“Winters” is coming


Our story opens with two best friends sitting by a farmhouse poolside, one of them caught up in explaining a newly found series to the other one who listens at first with mild interest and then later on with obsessive need. The series (The Indebted Series) would become the first in a long line of novels that the obsessed friend would pursue.


In the end, she would surpass the best friend who introduced her to the series in the first place and would soon have read all novels penned by the author Pepper Winters. Our tale ends with the pupil becoming the master (if such a title could ever be bestowed upon book readers) or Maître as Pepper would no doubt like to call it (Wink Wink).

Currently my head’s buried in Dollars and while Elder Prest is fast becoming my No. 2 favourite, (a spot previously held by Kill, Jethro still holds the No. 1 spot) I thought I’d take some time out to share a list of similarities between Pepper’s Boys in her three main series namely the Indebted Series, The Pure Corruption MC Series and the Monsters in the Dark Series. These heroes stole not just their respective heroines’ hearts but mine as well. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jethro (Jet) Hawk  from the Indebted Series, Arthur Killian (Kill) from The Pure Corruption Series , Quincy (Q) Mercer from the  Monsters in the Dark Series and the ties that bind them together (no, BDSM pun intended in any way).

“Forces” of Nature

All the male protagonists have taken the female protagonists by force. Because the Debt Inheritance was forced upon him by his family, Jet had to kidnap Nila Weaver and make her pay off the debts of her family in blood.

Cleo Price was purposefully picked up as a prostitute (when Kill rounded up the former sex slaves of his father & other club owners) by a member of Kill’s Motorcycle Club- Pure Corruption MC as he recognized her identity.

Tess Snow was picked up by the drug overlord, Red Wolverine & sold as a sex slave to Q, who was pretending to be a ruthless sex-slave owner to overthrow Red Wolverine.

Come home to the Stockholm Syndrome

All 3 series are classic cases of the Stockholm syndrome where the captors and victims fall in love with each other. What basically starts as a relationship built on mutual hate between Jet & Nila, Cleo & Kill and Tess & Q, ends on a note of everlasting love and readers in happy tears.

Marked Men. And Women.


What do authors and our leading male & female protagonists have in common? Their shared love for “ink”. All the male & female protagonists have tattoos.

As part of the Debt Inheritance procedure after Nila has paid off a debt, Jet has to tattoo Nila’s initials on his body & his initials on her body as part of the debt payment. These tattoos initially served as a symbol of ownership and forced oppression but later become a testimony of enduring love & courage.

Kill’s tattoos run alongside his body and include equation symbols, a mermaid and a Rose Dagger Tattoo (former MC Club) later converted into the Pure Corruption MC (current MC Club) logo. These stand for all the things he holds dear, his love for mathematics, Cleo and his motorcycle club. Since Cleo suffers from amnesia, her tattoos are fragments of the things she can remember, one of which contain the symbol I < 3 U (which leads Kill to realize her identity as Cleo over Sarah) and the forget-me-not flowers.

Q’s sparrows inked on his chest area stand for the women he has set free from prostitution. When Tess was a prostitute, her captors ink a barcode tattoo on her arm and when Q frees her, she inks a sparrow over the barcode symbolizing her freedom. Later on, Tess and Q ink their initials on each other to symbolize their love for each other.

Fly away with me

Bird references are used across all three series to convey caged victims that need to be saved.

In the Debt Inheritance series, Jet and his 2 brothers have the family surname Hawk and are given nick names of birds of prey. Jethro is called Kite, his middle brother Angus is called Kestrel while his younger brother Daniel is called Buzzard. Although birds of prey are symbols of power, in reality the brothers needed to be saved from the burden of imposing the Debt Inheritance on the Weavers.

Cleo Price saves a baby bird at age 12 and compares saving the bird to saving Arthur Killian who she says had been trying to leave the nest for years- Arthur was forced into working under his father and brother who were committing acts that were pushing the motorcycle club Dagger Rose into illegal business. The only reason Arthur complied was because Cleo and her family were under threat by his father, although they had no idea of the same.

Q’s sparrow tattoos, the logo of his company Moineau Holdings, and Tess’s sparrow tattoo represent female victims of rape that need to be saved.

Bad Blood.

All male protagonists have horrible father figures.

 Jet’s Dad, Cut forces him to go through with the Debt Inheritance even though he knew his son wanted no part of it, while being aware of the fact that his son was a VEP (Very Empathic Person).

Kill’s Dad, Rubix Killian frames him for murdering Cleo’s parents and Kill is sent to prison to pay for a crime he never committed.

Q’s dad was a sadistic person who enjoyed hurting women and debasing them sexually, of whom one of the victims was eventually Q’s sister, Marquisa.

Pappa don’t preach. Or even breathe.

All male protagonists have killed their horrible fathers while readers rejoiced, everywhere. While Q killed off his dad before he met Tess in the first novel itself, Jet & Kill murder their fathers towards the end of the series.

It’s been a long day without you, my friend. And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again


All male protagonists have lost one sibling.

 Cut kills Kestrel in the Indebted series because of the goodness of his heart, his steadfast loyalty to Jet and his key role in aiding Jet & Nila in surviving the debt payments.

Killian kills his brother Dax in the PC series to avenge the death of Cleo’s parents and gain vindication for having had to pay for a crime he didn’t commit.

Q’s father makes his sister Marquisa a prostitute and it is mentioned that she dies when she is but 15, an event that leaves Q, emotionally scarred.

The Dance with Death

All male protagonists have had one near-death experience.

Jet and Kes get shot by Cut when Cut discovers the two have been plotting to overthrow the Debt Inheritance. While Jet recovers from his injuries, Kes does not survive.

Kill’s father Rubix sends his men to kidnap Cleo and Kill is clubbed on the head and left for dead, he almost does not survive his injuries but is saved in time.

Q is taken by Lynx’s men at gunpoint and is shot & beaten. Lynx or Dante Emestro was one of the sex traffickers whose operations Q was trying to overthrow.

Brothers & Sisters

All female protagonists have siblings who are alive and well.

Nila has a twin called Vaughn & an elder sister whom she has never known and whom she discovers at the end of the series.

When Cleo loses her memory she is adopted by a doting family and she gains an adoptive sister, Corrine.

It is mentioned that Tess has an older brother Samuel who is 20 years her senior.

Bad for Business

All male protagonists’ fathers have dealt in illegal businesses which have been reformed by their sons.

Jet reforms the Diamond Brothers & makes the family diamond trading business operations legit.

 Kill closes down his father’s motorcycle club Dagger Rose & forms his own club Pure Corruption MC.

Q does away with his father’s prostitution trade business and uses his resources to reform prostitution victims.

The stuff of staff

All male protagonists depend on outside help in the form of staff.

Besides his siblings Kestrel & Jasmine, Jet relies on some of the Diamond brothers & Kill when it comes to rescuing Nila from Cut & Bonnie’s clutches.

Kill has his Pure Corruption Motorcycle Club backing him in both love & war.

Q values the opinion of his house maid Suzette- a former slave, Franco- his head of security & Frederick- his friend & partner at Moineau Holdings.

“Once” in every lifetime


All the female protagonists have lost their virginity just once.

Nila & Cleo’s former boyfriends are not mentioned by name. Nila said her first time before Jet was just a one-time thing and not worth remembering while Cleo could remember the face of her first, but not his name, due to her amnesia.

Tess’s former boyfriend is Brax whom she loved but considered more a brother than friend.

Everybody wants to steal my girl

All the female protagonists have been stolen from the male protagonists at one point. And all the male leads have gone back to rescue them.

Cut steals Nila and takes her to Africa to pay the final debt.

Kill’s father Rubix steals Cleo & takes her to the Dagger Rose Headquarters to antagonize Kill.

Red Wolverine steals Tess back from Q to extract revenge on Q for rescuing prostitutes.

Say my name

Both male and female protagonists have real names & nicknames. For every protagonist couple, their nicknames are linked to each other.

Nila and Jet’s nicknames are Threads & Kite respectively, when put together they form a full bodied flying kite.

Kill & Cleo’s nicknames are Sagittarius and Libra respectively, both part of the sun signs.

Q & Tess’s nicknames are Maître & Esclave respectively, both titles of dominance & submission.

And they lived Happily Ever After

All male protagonists marry their better halves after the tale is told.

Which is a good thing because we are all well and truly slaves of happy endings for all of Pepper Winter’s serial couples.

As for Pepper’s latest Dollar Series, we will have to wait & see if the current male protagonist, Elder’s tale can be linked to Jet, Kill & Q (though we know that Q & Jet are making special appearances, Yaay me!). For all things Elder, for now all I can say is:

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How “Epic” is FernGully


FernGully made up my childhood while Epic made up my early twenties, my inner child delighted in frolicking with the Fairies as much as it enjoyed mounting a hummingbird ride with the Leafmen. So walk with me into the woods and let’s see how far the rabbit hole goes, as we tunnel through the similarities between two seemingly different plot lines:

Do not commit tree-son


The underlying theme throughout both stories is linked with preservation of the environment and the survival of both species. In FernGully, environmental themes highlighted are deforestation caused due to commercial logging and environmental pollution caused as a result of commercial logging, in this case. It was because of logging, that Hexxus escapes from the tree in which he was imprisoned indirectly conveying that commercial logging has drastic consequences. In Epic, excessive forest decomposition & decay comes under the spotlight though in this case, humans are not the cause of it.

Forest Gump


Although both are imaginary realms, it is safe to imagine that FernGully & Moonhaven are based on forests and both the realms’ species are in fact, the children of the forest.

It’s all about the little people


Fairies are tiny magical creatures complete with wings and magic in FernGully, while Leafmen are tiny humanoid soldiers in Epic. It is unclear whether Leafmen are magical but Queen Tara, ruler of the forest possesses magical powers. Although Leafmen & Fairies are two separate species, the common thread between them is that both species protect the forest and the survival of the forest is directly linked to survival of the species.

Honey, I shrunk the humans


In both stories, the humans get shrunken. In FernGully, the fairy Crysta accidentally shrinks the human Zak while trying to save him. In Epic, Queen Tara purposefully shrinks M.K. when tasking her with the job of saving the pod.

Long live the Queen. Not.


Species from both stories are led by rulers of their realm. In FernGully, Magi Lune while not a queen, is an elderly fairy who possesses the strongest magic and was responsible for trapping the villain Hexxus in a tree; making her the most capable leader of her people. In Epic, Queen Tara rules her people, having been probably chosen by the former queen through a leaf pod, the same method she had to use to choose her own heir. The choosing of the Queen in this case is a combined effort of the Queen & the forest. Magi Lune & Queen Tara both lose their lives and their power gets passed on. While Magi Lune sacrifices herself to save the forest, Queen Tara is killed by an arrow shot from the villain Mandrake.

Clash of the Clans


Both villains / antagonists, be it Hexxus from FernGully or Boggan Leader, Mandrake from Epic are united in their quest of destroying the forest and ruling over the destruction they wreck. You also have kind of a clan war going on. Its human-versus fairies (since humans are being manipulated by Hexxus to some degree) in FernGully, and Leafmen Vs. Boggan in Epic.

The Bodyguard


Secondary protagonists who have a close relationship to the main protagonists take on the role of a protector. In FernGully, the Beetle Boys led by Pips, Crysta’s best friend, are never too far from Crysta. Often Pips follows Crysta wherever she goes, not only because he’s curious, but to make sure she’s safe. In Epic, Leafmen leader, Ronin looks out for Nod, even though he isn’t obvious about his feelings, which are fatherly. He look towards Nod as if he were his own son. Also, both Pips & Ronin protect rulers of their respective realms. Pips protects Crysta who becomes the leader of FernGully, while Ronin protected Queen Tara and will continue to protect the new flower-child Queen of Moonhaven.

Just like animals, animals, like animals


Protagonists from both stories also have faithful animal side-kicks- who assist them in saving the forest- in Batty the Megabat from Fern Gully and Mub the Slug & Grub the Snail (pretty much a package-deal) from Epic.

With great power comes great responsibility


Both our forest creature protagonists are urged to take on responsibility. In FernGully,  as the apprentice of Magi Lune, Crysta is constantly urged to concentrate on increasing & better focusing her powers. In Epic, Leafmen leader Ronin is constantly asking Nod to step up and take his post as a Leafman seriously. Both our protagonists step up to the challenge in both stories in the end.

And they called it puppy love


Both the human protagonists are dog lovers. In FernGully, Crysta finds a picture of Zak with his pet dogs in his wallet while trying to revive him after she shrinks him while in Epic, M.K.’s dad owns a dog called Ozzy.

Young “Green” Love


Love blooms between the human & forest creature protagonists. In FernGully, Crysta & Zak fall in love with each other, while in Epic M.K. & Nod develop feelings for each other. While the love is cutsie- cutsie, sadly……

Size does matter


Both humans return to their world. In FernGully, Zak leaves after Crysta turns him back into his human-size but never forgets the lessons that the fairies taught him. No contact however exists between Zak & Crista again as it bordered on the romantic feelings of a teenage crush.  In Epic, after M.K. is returned to her human-size by the new flower-child Queen, she & Nod still keep in touch through Bomba’s video cameras, so the possibility of their relation becoming something more one day, is left open to the viewer (yaay!).

So I’m just gonna go and leaf you hanging there.

Just green & bear it. Okay?

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