An Unexpected Journey

Let’s face it! People who actually read fantasy-based books are a minority. You have fantasy genre movie buffs and fantasy genre video-gamers, but books lovers of the same genre are a minority. The only place you will find such lovers are on fan sites, which is why when we meet fantasy book lovers in person, we act like they are long lost friends of ours. Kindred spirits. Simply because they are. Because we know their rarity. Try sitting down in your own established friends circle and try to broach a fantasy topic. If they aren’t like my friends who tune me off whenever I go in that direction, if by chance they take mercy on you and chance a listen, then no-one will have the slightest idea what the Mortal Instruments are, who the hell Acheron is and why you’re obsessing over immortal warriors who house demons in them and seem to drive themselves crazy (Lords of the Underworld).

Sadly we fantasy book lovers are often thought of as individuals who live with our heads in the clouds. We are often goaded on by our peers who keep telling us to get back to reality. Stop doing that. We are well aware of the line between fantasy and reality.

People often asked me what it is in fantasy books that I find so appealing and my answer to them is this. The essential crux of any fantasy novel is that you are introduced to these HIGHLY DESIRABLE immortal beings who are always striving their dandy best to be human or at least connect to basic human emotions (real live human beings could take a leaf out of their books). Somehow this is always realised when the female (preferably human)protagonist enters the scene. But that’s a separate topic. My key element is the human factor, of which the emotion of love plays a crucial part. Which shows us how precious being human really is. But throw in awesome powers, unimaginable realms and a class of creatures that differ from author to author and you have me sold.

Fantasy based books stretch your imagination. The key point is imagination. These books aren’t for everyone. You try getting my mum to read any fantasy book and she’d be like “She wants to be a vampire!!! That is unnatural? Why would she even think of doing that? I can’t read this” She was talking about Bella from Twilight by the way. Most people would agree with her. Twilight haters would most definitely throw a feast in her honour. What I’m trying to say is if you stop yourselves from reading such books by asking these questions, it puts a stop to your imagination. Put yourself in Bella’s shoes! Believe! Imagine! Live in the author’s world!

I read this quote somewhere that said fairy tales exist not to tell us that there are dragons, but that dragons can be slayed! Not that I agree with them! I think dragons should be free to roam the sky (with a steady dragon-rider keeping them in check yes, we wouldn’t want things getting too heated up) but more so that people would believe in the unbelievable. Not in the sense that dragons really do exist (they don’t)  but to believe in the magic of the moment. And the fact that if immortal creatures can kill their inner demons then so can we!

I called this post an Unexpected Journey because I never imagined myself blogging, much less choosing the theme of fantasy to blog about. But its about time! These are my musings. These are for me. I am not going to tell you about myself. I believe my writing will cover that! For now I’m simply just going to let the magic begin!


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