Creatures of the night

Through the veins of their victims, vampires be feeding

By converting the dead, zombies be breeding

Under the full moon, werewolves be howling

In dark corners of gardens, gnomes be prowling


In well oiled mansions, ghouls be shrieking

Whilst upon the waves, mermaids be weeping

While houses marked, ghosts be haunting

And in creepy, dark basements, banshees be daunting


The unassuming, kitsunes be tricking

While unseen to the naked eye, changelings be shifting

In the moonlight, elves be mending

Over their axes, dwarves be bending


House elves be waiting patiently to receive a sock

Wraiths be tormenting humans whose life source they suck

Frankenstein be roaming the earth striving to be understood

Basilisks be killing with a glance in dark lonely woods


Over their cauldrons, witches be brewing

While roaming the sky dragons, fire be spewing

While in mystical realms, unicorns be flying

And under water bridges, trolls be lying


In shady forests, centaurs be leaping

Into the homes of children, pixies be creeping

While around pretty bonfires, fairies be dancing

While on the bed of the unfortunate a succubus be romancing


By the rocks of the sea, sirens be tempting

At rainbows end, leprechauns be guarding their gold with passion unrelenting

By the hyde on their back, satyrs be pursing with all their might

Nymph like maidens over whom they may fight


Goblins miserly be guarding their money with wit and magic

Ogres be scoring villages leaving behind tales tragic

Poltergeists be haunting their chosen, creating chaos and havoc

Gargoyles be guarding churches from evil spirits running amuck


Within their hosts, demons be hiding

While poor lost souls, fauns be guiding

In cold empty tombs, mummies be unwrapping

And to the fortunate finder, genies wishes be granting


Hobbits be indulging in merry making by the fire

While hybrids be breaking free of the masters to whom they be sired

On snow peaked mountain tops, the Yeti be leaving foot long prints

While on mountains warm, phoenixes be reborn from the ashes


Into the heart of the sea by whirlpools, the Kraken ships be pulling

Guarding treasures behind gates, sphinxes be riddling

While orcs be waging battles driving on their wargs

“Winter is coming” be saying Jack Frost


Minotaurs in labyrinths be devouring prisoners sentenced to death

Rearing their many heads, hydras be now the sailorman’s greatest challenge

Giants running wild be in conflict with the Gods over whom they tower

While manticores be pinning their prey with lion and scorpion like power


Skin walkers be walking in the form of any animal they deem fit

Lonely imps be entering unwarded houses looking for attention and friendship

Proud hippogriffs be teaching the rude, the etiquette right

While for porridge and honey, brownies be tiding your houses by night


Thunderbirds be causing gale and storms through the beat of their wings

By black magic, necromancers with the dead be communicating

Pegasus be shouldering lightning bolts on his wings golden

While Grims be hunting lost souls and guarding the burning gates of hell


Oh these creatures be from legends of old, far into the land of myth

Whether they exist or did they not, be today the content of continuing gossip

Be they spun from old wives tales as fantasy facts for children

Or be these creatures have come forth once into our ancestor’s line of vision


These creatures be upon a time through word of mouth, feared or revered

Now they be entertainment in literary books or shows of Technicolor

The fear factor be dialed down greatly; reverence be of a different sort

Recognising the good and evil in every creature be the message that’s now put out


Such be the hold of the fantastical on us, these creatures of the night

Be that what allows them to cross over into reality from time to time

They be walking silently in your mind drawing on your fears and passion

Inviting you to adventure with them or run screaming into the shadows

The strand that connects these creatures through ages that be so till the end of time

Be that these creatures be never fading from the imaginatory mind


 Note: This recently got published on Poemish. You can view it there at

Picture credit:

Moon Fairy (


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