Being Divergent

Unseen behind the window, Beatrice Prior watched clad in gray
The Dauntless kids jump from a moving train
She didn’t know why she bothered to watch
Especially since Choosing Day ought to be taking up most of her thoughts

What faction to chose, did she have a choice?
One choice could easily transform her life
Most kids chose the factions they were born in
To choose another could very well sever one from kin

Aptitude test day was upon her, she stumbled on
Holding herself up, clinging to her brother Caleb’s arm
All too soon the time came
When she heard one of the testers call her name

Her tester was Tori who told her to relax
Those wires attached to the machine would draw up her brain map
Simulations induced would put her to the test
To help decide which faction she fitted in best
This was one of the ways
That would make her choice easier on Choosing Day

The test results were inconclusive
Tori was shocked “Beatrice you are Divergent!
Speak to no-one now of what you know
It’s a dangerous situation, you have many foes”

Beatrice told no-one, could not even take her parents advice
Especially since she didn’t know if Abnegation was her faction choice
She had never fit in easily like her brother Caleb
Maybe being selfless was not a quality she was born with

Choosing Day came, she watched as her brother
Chose not his faction Abnegation, but Erudite another
What probably made his choice the worst
Was that the two factions were enemies in the degree first
She was angry at her brother not for his choice
But his lack of trust in her, his sister Beatrice

When her time came, she split her hand, then bold
Hastily sparkled her blood on the Dauntless coals
As her new faction led her away
She noticed her dad was angry though her mum had a smile on her face

As new Dauntless factions the first of their test, their bravery to prove
Was jumping from the moving train onto a roof
She became the first initiate to jump from the roof into a hole in the ground
The same ground where a dead train girl now laid lifeless, bereft sound

That was the first time she met her instructor Four
When he pulled her from the net that caught her
It was time for her to choose a new name to represent where she now belonged
To mark leaving the home which she came from

That was how her name Beatrice
Shortened to the more likable nickname Tris
Christina, Al and Will became her first friends true
And she found her enemies in Peter, Molly and Drew

Her clothes now black, complimented her figure
She almost didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror
To truly feel like the faction Dauntless was her own
She got her first tattoo of three ravens in flight on her collarbone
Her later tattoos would include
The Dauntless ring of fire with a flame burning through
And the Abnegation ring of a helping hand
Inked in by Tori became part of her brand

Dauntless initiation was broken into stages three
To prepare initiates for the physical, emotional and mental trinity
Physically weak at first, she picks up fast
And becomes skilled in guns, knives and hand to hand combat

She discovers the other Dauntless leader Eric is evil in form
Sadistically inclined, he’s a different kind of wrong
There’s a silent battle of wills between Four and Eric
Showing her 2 different visions of Dauntless under two leaderships

A paintball game with the Dauntless born initiatives
Leads her to new friends in Uriah and comrades of his
Up on the Ferris wheel while spotting the enemies lair
She discovers fear of heights is a weak spot of Four’s
She finds her attraction to him is growing
And just hopes that it isn’t really showing
Four’s team wins and Eric’s looses
And her name becomes slightly more famous

Peter and his crew continue to her torment
She finally beats Molly to a pulp in the ring to show her she’s reached her extent
When Edward from their faction finally wins 1st place in Initiation Stage 1
Peter’s cruelty comes undone
Unseen in the cold dead of night
He drives a knife through Edward’s eye
To get this bloody mess out of her mind
She joins Uriah and his mates for a night of zipline

As for her own place in Stage One, she’s in place 6
Initiation Stage 2 now begins
Mind Simulations designed to take initiatives to the darkest fears in their brain
Slow down your heartbeat and gain calm to get out of the game
“Its all in the mind Tris, be brave” says Four
It’s in one of these tests Four discovers she’s divergent and reprimands her “Be more careful!”

How did he know, what did she do?
Was Four Divergent too?
She runs back to Tori “Tori I need answers”
“All I can tell you Tris is your life is in danger
Because these simulations, you can bend
You pose a threat to those in leading Dauntless positions
If they teach you to fight and teach you to kill
If you threaten them, what’s to say they won’t carry out their will?”

In the midst of all this the Erudite faction
Is stirring rebellion against Abnegation

Stage 2 results put Tris in first position
She almost meets death when Peter, Al and Drew throw her over the chasm
She is rescued by Four and when Al apologises
She rejects him which leads to him committing suicide

Fear landscapes are slotted for Stage 3
Testing the initiates mentality
While training during this time period, Four and Tris
Make Divergent fans happy when they share their first kiss

She’s know why he’s called Four
When into his Four fear landscape with him she goes
She also discovers his real name’s Tobias
And the reason why he left Abnegation to join Dauntless

When her training for fear landscapes one day gets her pissed
She hops a train and visits the Erudite division
She tells her brother Caleb to research the simulation serum
And meets the ruthless Jeanine, doing her best to convince her she’s one of them

Four tells Tris her that because he is a computer genius
He discovered what the evil plan of Erudite is
They plan to wage war on Abnegation
But how he did not know, that was the big question

In her 3rd final test, Tris boldly does face
7 of her fears after which she’s ranked in first place
Eric then informs her that the Dauntless faction are to be injected
With a serum that tracked them if they went missing

Later that night the Dauntless faction against their will
Become blank soldiers programmed to kill
The injected serum makes them dance to Jeanine’s tune
Being Divergent, only Tris and Tobias remain immune

They attempt to escape, they are caught
Tris unluckily while running gets shot
Jeanine injects Tobias with a new serum
To manipulate his surroundings and confuse his will

Tris is left in a water tank, fated to die
But her mother saves her and in doing so dies
Along with her brother and dad
Tris goes to the Dauntless headquarters armed with a plan

If they can destroy the computer that controls the transmitters
The serum they are connected to will lose its power
When they get there they are aided by Peter
Only after Tris warns him to behave and shoots his shoulder

Her dad gets shot, in death he joins Tris’s mother
Tris finally makes it to the control tower
Tobias stands guard and almost kills her
But he ultimately manages to beat the serum

They swipe the hardware and escape the Dauntless faction
Tobias and his dad Marcus have a bitter interaction
Tobias’s childhood was one of abuse
His fear of his dad from him was not cut lose

They journey to Amity and seek protection
From Jeanine and the others looking to kill them
In a cute moment Tobias tells Tris he loves her
And the reader starts shedding multiple tears

Now neither brave nor selfless does feel Tris
She has to find a way to rise above both these qualities
Maybe that’s what it means being Divergent
Can’t wait to find out what happens next in “Insurgent”

*Based on the Book-Divergent by Veronica Roth*

Picture Credit:

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