Dream Catcher, Dream Catcher

Someone gave my mum a dream catcher when I was little and she hung it over my bed and told me “It’s supposed to ward off bad dreams”. It was something she had read somewhere. I rarely had dreams good or bad, so having a dream catcher was irrelevant. Neither my mum nor I believed in the legend of the dream catcher. As Christians, we totally believe in Guardian Angels protecting you and warding off evil (bad dreams included) at all times period (even while you sleep).

I habour a private fantasy that Guardian Angels trap evil spirits, demons and bad dreams with dream catchers of their own but that’s just me.

According to the Ojibwe, a Native American group, the Spiderwoman (Asibikaashi) guarded all the people of the land including the children. When the group spread out to cover the world, it was difficult for the Asibikaashi to protect all the children. So grandmothers and mothers created dream catchers from willow hoops and sinew and decorated it with sacred feathers and beads. They told their children that these catchers would trap the bad dreams and only allow good dreams through. Once the morning came, the bad dreams would mysteriously disappear.

Whether you believe in the legend of the dream catcher or not, something about it is magical. You can’t quite put your finger on it. I used to pull it down from my bed and admire it for hours on end, tracing the pretty web pattern and rubbing the feathers against my cheek.

The dream catcher in the feature image above is the one that was given to my mum. It now hangs over the entrance to my room (on the chance that demons and evil spirits decide to use the door). Below is a short poem I composed on dream catchers.

Dream catcher, Dream catcher
Spin me sweet dreams
Splendid thoughts & pleasant fantasies

Dream catcher, Dream catcher
Trap & ensnare
Blood curling visions & wicked nightmares

Dream catcher, Dream catcher
Let the angels descent
So my demons may battle with the heaven-sent

Dream catcher, Dream catcher
Protect and guard
From evil eyes that wish me harm

Dream catcher, Dream catcher
Hear my prayers
Connect with the Gods and bring back the answers they bear

Dream catcher, Dream catcher
Alert me when the supernatural enter my realm
Angel woven fabric send the wicked running back to hell

This poem was recently published on Poemish and can be viewed at http://poemish.com/item/detail/view/id/22023/miscellaneous-poems/dream-catcher,-dream-catcher

Picture credits:

Dream catcher (http://cloister.deviantart.com/art/Dreamcatcher-51751671)

Brown dream catcher (http://dreamcatcher.com/images/W/dc30-brown.jpg)


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