OK Christ had a daughter! So what?

Ever since Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code was released it sparked a lot of questions about the authenticity of the Christian religion, and the divinity of Christ. A lot of Churches encouraged not reading this book (this was also done with Harry Potter, citing the book supported dark magic). I don’t support the move made by the Church to stop people from reading the book but I do understand why they did it. Dan Brown’s art of story telling is so well done, that by taking a few popular facts of Christianity, he manages to twist it into something else altogether (I mean how many of us ran to pictures of the Last Supper to see if there was a V formation between Christ and what Dan Brown said was supposedly Mary Magdalene) by playing the cards so well it almost seems believable. But it’s not.

I did Google searches on a few of those “facts” he claimed was true and guess what? It’s not true! But most people are fooled into believing its true anyways and start questioning their faith and the motives of the Church. If petty things like a novel start a worldwide notion of disbelief in their religion, you can imagine why the Church would hesitate in sharing more important guarded secrets/truths of the Church and the faith. If your faith is strong and you approach the book with an open attitude you will actually appreciate the book as a great piece of convincing literature and nothing will be able to shatter your faith.

When I got to the part where Brown was hinting at romantic notions between Christ and Magdalene, I was laughing like a maniac because it was absurd. It was probably the absurdity that had me hooked till the end in the first place. But that’s me! Some books have to be absurd to sell. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, because for all the wrong messages it was sending out, it was very well done. Also I totally ignored the “facts page” and took it to be a fantastical piece of fiction. Not a lot of people laughed though. You had one party accusing Brown of blasphemy and the other party questioning the Church on their “true” motives. I get the defending-your-faith part but I don’t get the anger behind it. There are thousands who question the faith everyday. The Bible even predicts this will happen. No matter how badly Brown says it’s based on true facts, the work is still fiction. In this case though Brown’s “truth” was stranger than fiction. Brown would say anything to make his book sell because there is no such thing as bad publicity. Google proves his facts to be wrong. And in most cases Google is never wrong.

A lot of people believe that there are things that the Church keeps from us. I believe this to be true although I feel it is done with good intentions. It could be a twitch of history or something like that which would change certain things in the Bible (however, the Bible will still remain the truest and best possible account of Christian history, until the Church deems otherwise). For instance let us take an example out of Dan Browns own book, The Da Vinci Code. He stated that Christ was married to Magdalene. I don’t believe this to be true but even if it were, let me ask you this. So what? So what if Christ was married? So what if Christ had a daughter? So what if his line still exists today? Does it make what he did any less extraordinary? He still died for us to redeem us from our sins. And moreover if God can have a son, why can’t Jesus have a daughter? Does an addition like Jesus having a daughter make him any less divine?

Going deeper the worst possible thing I could think of the Church keeping from us is that our faith does not exist. Scary thought. Being told that there is no God, no Christianity and that the whole thing was fabricated as a big marketing gimmick so that people could be kept in order or controlled. But then again so what?

What ideals does the religion of Christianity propagate? Ideals of peace, love, forgiveness, and sacrifice. What does it ask us to do? Be better human beings. It is the only religion that gives you a choice. To be or not to be. Choose between right and wrong. Between good and evil. Even if we are being deceived so that we are being encouraged to live a “Christian life” is that deceit such an awful thing? Wouldn’t we still want to be true “Christians” or good people even if no such thing as Christianity existed?

Christians and the Holy Church should actually encourage people to read books like the Da Vinci Code, ask them to question what they read and resolve to settle the matter.

Let people ask questions. It’s just important that we give them the right answers.

One’s that are out of the right book. Like the Holy Bible.

Picture credits:

Jesus Christ & Mary Magdalene (http://marymagdala.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/117-2.jpg)

Philosoraptor (http://www.quickmeme.com/img/e5/e5acd388bbf8b0e7a4ff3f92c19bd705f218cabbda523a92cfd9a132ba46f454.jpg)


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