Ghost Protocol

First off this article is not based on the movie Ghost Protocol. It’s based on something that’s as hot as Hell.  Or at least inclusive of Hell. Ok topics I’m gonna throw up. Heaven and Hell. Purgatory. Angels and Demons. And Ghosts.

I have mentioned that the aftermath of The Da Vinci Code included questions raised about the Christian faith. One of the questions raised was the existence of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. Since there were unsettled feelings about the book mentioned above, our Church in the sleepy city of Muscat decided to conduct a discussion entitled Heaven and Hell and invited a reputed priest over who had some knowledge on the issues that would be raised. My mum and I (who don’t normally go for these things, this was a first) attended that talk because the title intrigued us and we wanted to know what views the Church held in this regard. It was enlightening. Based on what was discussed during this talk, I’d like to share my views on the same.

Heaven, Hell and Purgatory are very very real. The existence of all three places is very clearly mentioned in the Bible. As to what it will be like nobody can answer that. Hell to me is not burning fires, eternal pain and torture but merely a dark place bereft of the presence of God. Because nothing could be more torturous than that. To be without God means to be devoid of hope and salvation. Heaven on the other hand is being in the presence of God. It’s my personal belief that when people die they go to Purgatory and that when Judgement Day comes; we’ll be judged and sorted into Heaven and Hell. Since I believe that God is a merciful God that wants all of us to be saved, I have a hard time believing he would send anyone to Hell at all. But he is also as just as he is merciful, he will truly try to save us from ourselves but there will be a reckoning for all the wicked of the world. My take. If we believe in God, repent and feel sorry for our sins, we can be saved. Ironically I think the choice still lies with us on that matter.

Since Heaven and Hell exist, it is definitely a given that Angels and Demons do too. Angels and Demons have always fascinated me. As Christians we believe that there are numerous hosts of Angels present in Heaven although the Holy Bible lists only two by name-the Angel Gabriel and the Archangel Michael. The Fallen Angel Lucifer (the devil) along with Abaddon, (Since Lucifer is in charge of hell, we can safely say this guy is his minion) the leader of the bottomless pit of hell, are also mentioned. Fun Fact. The Book of Enoch (Jewish Religious script ascribed to Enoch, grandfather of Noah) elaborates on more Angelic names like Uriel, Raphael, Raguel Saraqael, and Remiel and a longer list of fallen angels. I am tripping on the fact that Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instrument Series is inspired by the Book of Enoch. Some of the Angelic names, Demonic names and Nephilim references are mentioned in the series which you will find in the Book of Enoch when you dig deeper. But I’m digressing.

During the talk in Church, while everyone was debating on the existence of Angels and Demons, a sole hand went up and asked about the existence of Spirits and Ghosts. The room stilled and everyone waited for an answer from the preacher. What protocol did Ghosts actually follow? References of Ghosts aren’t mentioned in the Bible. The only reference is the Holy Ghost a.k.a. the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of God, or to give up the ghost, meaning you die. The priest told us that Ghosts and Good Spirits did not exist. That once a person died (no matter what the circumstances), his soul returned to God and did not linger around anymore.

My cousin brother passed away to cancer when he was only 11 years old. My aunt told us that sometimes my cousin sister could hear her brother talking to her when she was asleep. In her dreams, he told her everything was okay and that he was happy and in no pain anymore. Instances like this I feel can be accredited to the soul or our conscience which is attached to the divine that makes these connections possible. Note that he wasn’t a ghost but merely a soft divine voice on her conscience providing her comfort and strength. It gives you comfort to know that the beings that pass away aren’t stuck on earth, waiting for the world to end to move on. Watching you from a distance (my best guess is Purgatory, but this is my personal belief) but not intervening because that’s the way it’s meant to be.

But evil spirits are real; existing as a result of Hell and Lucifer, because evil is prevalent around us. Hauntings and possessions (which suddenly seem scarier and make more sense) can be attributed to evil spirits, belonging to Satan. People are discouraged from trying to communicate with spirits which simply means no Ouija boards, connecting pencils, pentagram drawings on the floor, or occult summoning for you. Evil spirits attempt to tempt us both mentally (more believable and prevalent) and physically, these are suggested accesses to possession. There are reports that say that Christians are the least susceptible to possession, because they are believers. While I strongly believe in this fact, I also believe that all beings are subjected to being tested by God which includes being subjected to possession at any given time. We must not fear possession.  We must believe in the fact that God can protect us and will continue to do so because he has given us the power to vanquish evil in his name.

Simply saying that if evil spirits are given the ability to enter your physical entity, then you are equally equipped with the spiritual power to banish them. Believe that you have power over all forms of evil through divine aid. Believe in the possibility of miracles. Believe in God.

To end on a sad note all these affirmations that evil spirits exist and ghosts do not throws Casper the Friendly Ghost out the window.

 Now to hell with you!

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