It’s OK to be as Mad as a Hatter

As a fantasy book lover, your imagination hurtles headfirst into realms that don’t exist. Most of us are accused of not only tumbling down rabbit holes but living in our own wonderlands. My mum often tells me that I have my head in the clouds, maybe I should tell her to rephrase that to having my head stuck in a rabbit hole. Neo from “The Matrix” did pretty well.  He followed the white rabbit. Maybe I could point that out to my mum. Or not. She’ll probably tell me that if I want to follow Trinity, I should go more often to church. This is my version of the lessons we learn from Lewis Carrol’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass”

  1. Life can be curiouser & curiouser if you let it
  2. Don’t count falling as a bad thing. You may tumble down a “rabbit hole”
  3. Follow “white rabbits”. They may lead you to “Wonderlands” of your own
  4. Know when to shrink or grow to fit any situation. Not all of us have cakes & bottles saying “Eat me” or “Drink me”
  5. The Caterpillar teaches us that not all those who smoke up are wasted. Don’t judge a book by its cover
  6. Keep calm and grin like a Cheshire Cat. It will freak people out and make you feel better
  7. You are never too old for tea parties
  8. It’s OK to be as Mad as a Hatter. All the best people are
  9. Not every question needs an answer. Why is a raven like a writing desk?
  10. If people piss you off, then “Off with their heads”
  11. Think like a Duchess. Find a moral in everything
  12. Like Alice, you have to play your cards right or have them fly up in your face
  13. Step through a Looking Glass. If only to make sure you’re not living life backwards
  14.  If you believe in as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast, you may be royalty (White Queen)
  15. If someone breaks your rattle, Tweedle your thumbs and let them know you’re not to be toyed with
  16. Just because you can’t put people back together doesn’t mean they’re bad eggs. Humpty Dumpty taught us that
  17. The battle between the Lion & Unicorn encourages you to fight, not for the crown but for the love of the game
  18. Think fast on your feet with Bandersnatch speed
  19. Don’t let envy become you lest you turn as green  as mome rath
  20.  Jabberwockies like all the monsters in your head can be slayed

  Thank you for reading! Have a Frabjous Day!

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Alice in Wonderland tea party (×1080/tim-burton/514835/tim-burton-alice-in-wonderland-hd-514835.jpg)


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