And they lived happily ever after -Part 1

If you’re in love with fairytales or anything remotely related to happy endings, you believe in Happy Ever Afters. While most of the characters we know and love have found their soulmates, a few of our favourite characters remain single and totally for the taking. So I decided to play matchmaker. I have matched animated characters I think would fit well together and given them stories of their own, irrespective of whether they are from Disney, Pixar or any other brand. So expect major cross-overs. At the moment I have put together 10 animated couples, who I will introduce via three articles because my stories ran longer than usual (big surprise there).

Please note the animated feature pictures of each character are not done by me but by different fans from different fansites mostly DeviantArt. Their imagination far surpasses mine. I’m handier with a pen than a brush. I merely clubbed the couple pictures together to give everyone an idea of how the characters might look together.

So presenting animated couples 1,2 and 3. Enjoy Reading.

 1) Violet Parr & Warren Peace

warren peace and violet parr

 The fling with Freeze Girl had been brief. Typically it could be termed as a Hot ‘N Cold relationship. Like the Katy Perry song. Tired of seeing him all mopey and generally “more sourish looking than usual” as Will like to put it, Will and Layla had invited Warren Peace over to Will’s parents summer resort for a weekend getaway. Layla’s friend would be there too. Layla had been dropping way too many hints that her friend was single. This friend would also be joining Sky High for the next school term. The summer resort loomed into view. Parking his bike outside the resort, he noted that everybody seemed to be there. Will answered the door.

 Will: Warren you made it! Get in here

Layla: Is Warren here? (from the hall)

Will: Yeah it’s him

Layla: Let me introduce you to Violet. You’ve probably heard of her?

 Warren locked eyes with a slenderish looking girl whose hair practically formed a wall around her face. Jet black hair with streaks of violet. He thought she was trying to hide behind it, until she swished it away from her face and stood up to meet him. He shook her hand. Immediate static shock.

 Warren: Ouch

Violet: I’m sorry. That was me

Warren: Actually it could as easily have been me

Violet: I’m Violet

Warren: Warren. I’ve heard of you and your family. All the “Incredible” stuff you’ll do together

Violet: Yeah I try not to let the brand define me too much

Warren: The work you do defines you. Syndrome was one bad-ass villain

Violet (smiling): I hear your villain was one Royal Pain in the ass too!

Will, Warren & Layla: Amen to that

Warren: How come you’re joining Sky High?

Violet: Well it’s practically famous for training superheroes. I need a little help in controlling my force field. Attractive superhero school brochure said this was the place to come to

Layla: Warren can get you started on a crash course. He’s awesome at stuff like that!!!

Violet: You can generate force fields?

Warren: No I’m pyrokinetic. I deal in fire. Hot Stuff. But it’s a mind thing right. Same concept

Violet: Well I’d love to learn if you don’t mind teaching me

Layla: He’d love to

Will: Layla!!!

Layla: What? Warren wouldn’t you love to?

Warren: Aside from the fact, that Layla’s attempt at matchmaking sucks, I’d love to

Violet: Thanks I need all the help I can get

Warren: If the sessions get too tough, don’t disappear on me. I hear you can turn invisible too

Violet: I plan on sticking around if you don’t “mind”!

Warren: I look forward to it

Violet couldn’t seem to take her eyes off him either. Good he wasn’t the only one with that problem. Avoiding looking at either Will or Layla who seemed beside themselves with joy, Warren got up to get himself a beer. He tossed aside his own hair resplendent with red streaks of its own as he tried but failed to get the girl with black hair and violet streaks out of his head. This was going to be an interesting school year. Positively electrifying.

2) Penny Forrester & Christopher Robins

penny and chris final

Sitting in the reception area of the vet clinic, Penny Forrester was beside herself with worry. She looked down at a whimpering Bolt in her arms. She couldn’t wait to get Bolt checked by the vet. Some idiot truck driver had run over his paw, which was now bent at an odd angle. She stroked him trying to comfort him; feeling equal waves of anxiety and anger ride her. The receptionist finally called her name saying “Ms. Forrester, Dr. Robins will see you now!”

 Christopher: Come in Ms. Forrester

Penny: Penny please

Christopher: Chris, then Penny. Is this our patient? May I?

Penny: Yes this is Bolt

He took Bolt from her and Bolt though uncomfortable didn’t seem overly upset at being taken from her. Between his whimpering, he managed to lick Dr. Robins who smiled and stroked him and began to check him.

Chris: Hi Bolt who’s a good boy? It’s a minor fracture so I’m going to have to put him in a cast

Penny: Okay will there be a lot of pain?

Chris: No I’ll prescribe you some pain meds for Bolt but keep his activity restricted for 4 weeks and come and see me then

Penny: Alright.

Excuse me for a minute while I see to his cast. I’ll take him to the prep room, you can wait here.

He disappeared into an adjoining room leaving Penny alone in his office. The office was clean. Very doctor-like. A few prescriptions on his desk indicated good handwriting. Very undoctor-like. There was a wide bookshelf along the wall beside his desk. What caught her eye was a teddy bear on the bottom shelf, the only unprofessional thing in the office. A rugged yellow bear with a red shirt clutching what looked like a honey pot except the word honey was spelt as HUNNY. “Weird” thought Penny. Maybe it belonged to his kids though he looked a little too young to be married. But these days you never knew. She pulled the bear down from the shelf and was examining it when Dr. Robins entered the room again with Bolt in his arms.

Penny: Oh I’m sorry, I was just….

Chris (laughing): Ah that’s alright; I see you found Pooh Bear

Penny: I…umm…its…I mean…Pooh Bear?

Chris: What you’re probably trying to ask me is what’s a grown man doing with a toy bear in his office. The obvious first thought would be maybe it belongs to his kids. But no I’m not married. What’s your next thought?

Penny: Umm there isn’t one. I was sort of depending on the first idea to stick

Chris: Well there’s a story behind the bear. Do you have time?

Penny: Off-course I do.

Chris: When I was a kid growing up, my father bought me a lot of toy animals. Pooh Bear was my first. I also had a tiger, an owl, a rabbit, a kangaroo and a piglet. They were my friends growing up. I used to talk to them. Borderline crazy right?

Penny: We all spoke to our toys as kids. We all played pretend

Chris: Yes but for a long time it was more than just pretend to me. I genuinely believed that they were real. That love for toy animals extended to real animals when I grew up as well. I believe they can speak to us and that if we listen really hard we can hear them. That’s where my love for animals stemmed from. It’s because of Pooh Bear and the others that I practically decided to become a vet. You’re not coming back here again are you?

Penny (laughing): Off-course I’m coming back. Sometimes I think animals can talk too (looking down at Bolt now back in her arms). Infact sometimes I’m sure of it. And Bolt seems to like you. He doesn’t like a lot of people. Fiercely protective he is to the point of being annoying.

Chris: It’s in his right. If I had to do it I’d be fiercely protective too


Chris: That came out wrong. I meant as a dog.

Penny: I’m sure you did. I’ll see you in four weeks Chris?

Chris: Yes Penny, four weeks tops. Ask the receptionist to clock you in.

Penny left his office, with Bolt thinking of the boy with chocolate brown eyes, who looked too handsome to be a doctor. Maybe the next time she came she’d bring him honey cookies. As a show of goodwill not because she was secretly falling for him. Inside his office, Chris felt like bolting out after Penny, asking her to come back in because for some reason he felt like talking to her more than he usually did with other people. He wanted to get to know her. Maybe the next time she came he’d ask her out to coffee. Unknown to both of them both Pooh and Bolt had already interacted through the way animals, both real and magical do, and were planning to get Penny and Chris together sooner than they imagined.

 3) Alice & John Smith

alice and john

Lord Ascot had positively demanded that if Alice was really planning to visit China alone for the matter of discussing oceanic trade routes that he’d at-least be allowed to choose for her, a proper ship with a proper captain. “I promised your father that I would take care of you” he stated. Alice had slayed the Jabberwocky in a land that was practically unpredictable. If Wonderland hadn’t frightened her, the real world sure as hell didn’t. But she had agreed to a “a proper ship with a proper captain” to keep Lord Ascot’s sanity in check. After escaping a truly dull marriage proposal match with Hamish Ascot, Lord Ascot’s son, she was now wary of all men in general when it meant more than business. At-least Captain John Smith, the man now in front of her, was easy on the eyes. Lord Ascot had escorted her to the ship and had words with the Captain. Hastily introducing her to the Captain, he had hugged Alice goodbye wishing her happiness, wealth and wishes for a safe journey before he scurried off citing that he was late for a business meeting. Racing away, he looked as late to her as a White Rabbit. Which left Alice alone with the Captain. He didn’t seem worried. If anything his clear blue eyes radiated calmness, confidence and a touch of excitement. She was eyeing him as he steered the ship, when a blue butterfly landed on her shoulder.

Alice: Hello Absolem

(Butterfly leaves her shoulder)

John: So you talk to butterflies?

Alice: Is it any different from talking to a giant willow?

John: My reputation precedes me. Excellent but that’s different

Alice: How so?

John: Ummm magical willow. She actually spoke back. Gave everyone quite a mouthful if rubbed the wrong way too

Alice: What makes you think Absolem didn’t speak back? He was a magical caterpillar

John: The New World was real. So were the creatures in it

Alice: So was the place I visited

John: Wonderland?

Alice: So you have heard of me too? Which version have you heard? The one where I am an obsessive attention seeker? Or the one where I am a compulsive liar?

John: I believe you

Alice: You what?

John: I believe you. I would like to see it someday

Alice: Wonderland? I don’t think it opens to just anybody

John: It opened to you. You’ve been there twice I’ve heard. You can take me again

Alice: You want to visit Wonderland?

John: I long to visit any land that reeks of challenges and adventures. I have a wanderlust in me that can’t be quenched

Alice: Also a need to constantly put yourself in harm’s way? Wonderland’s no picnic

John: Ah one of the many perks of a great adventure yes? Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you from danger

Alice: I don’t need protecting. I can take care of myself just fine

John (reflective): I have no doubt of that. You sure your boyfriend the Hatter won’t mind me coming?

Alice: He wasn’t my boyfriend. He was more like a reflection of myself. He mirrored me. He is now happily married to the White Queen. What about you? I heard you took off with a Chieftain’s daughter from the New World. Won’t she mind?

John: Pocahontas? Nope I wasn’t the Captain she had in mind. She’s home and happily married to Captain John Rolfe. (On a serious note). You have it too don’t you? The wanderlust? It’s in your eyes

Alice: Yes the wanderlust stemmed from my visit to Wonderland when I was younger. Also from not doing as I was told, something I believe you are familiar with?

John: Touché Ms. Alice. We have many wonderful stories about us don’t we?

Alice: Some of the best ones haven’t even happened to us yet

John: Well then. To the stories we will now make together

Alice: We aren’t making any stories together!!!

John: Alas our stories would be page-turners

Alice: Hands on the wheel Captain and eyes to the sea

John: And our minds in Wonderland

Alice: Shut up John

Alice smiled as John took his eyes off her for a moment and looked out to the sea. He did look like he belonged on open waters. No-one had ever talked to her about Wonderland like it was real, much less asked her to take them there with her. Curiouser and curiouser. What would it be like to make a story with him in it? As John’s eyes moved back to her and his lips parted to speak to her, no doubt ready with the latest quip or two she knew the answer to the question that she had asked herself. She would very much like to make a story with him. Have her next adventure by his side. Maybe even take him to Wonderland one day.

Picture credits:

Violet Parr by msciuto (

Warren Peace by BlizzardWolf (

Penny Forrester by katrinahood (

Christopher Robins by Beatsurizu (

Bolt by Vanessa (

Winnie the Pooh (

Alice by Hellee Titch (

John Smith by Hellee Titch (

And they lived happily ever after banner (



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