And they lived happily ever after-Part 2

If you’re in love with fairytales or anything remotely related to happy endings, you believe in Happy Ever Afters. While most of the characters we know and love have found their soulmates, a few of our favourite characters remain single and totally for the taking. So I decided to play matchmaker. I have matched animated characters I think would fit well together and given them stories of their own, irrespective of whether they are from Disney, Pixar or any other brand. So expect major cross-overs. At the moment I have put together 10 animated couples, who I will introduce via three articles because my stories ran longer than usual (big surprise there).

Please note the animated feature pictures of each character are not done by me but by different fans from different fansites mostly DeviantArt. Their imagination far surpasses mine. I’m handier with a pen than a brush. I merely clubbed the couple pictures together to give everyone an idea of how the characters might look together.

Couples 1, 2 and 3 were introduced in my previous post. So presenting animated couples 4, 5 and 6. Enjoy Reading.

4) Elsa-the Snow Queen & Jack Frost

elisa and jack

As the Guardian of Fun, Jack Frost’s specialty was children. For the simple reason that Jack loved fun. Children were fun, hence Jack loved children. Arendelle had a new baby. He knew this because every time a child was born he could feel it. He had spread happiness, fun and snow filled blessed winters over different realms and now it was Arendelle’s turn. “Get ready Arendelle” he whispered. “Winter is coming”. Not that Arendelle needed his powers. He knew that that this realm was governed by a Snow Queen, with powers similar to his own. He had never laid eyes on her though. It mattered not. She wouldn’t be able to see him anyways. That honour was reserved for children alone. The baby was a royal and third in line to the throne, a love child of the Snow Queen’s sister Anna and her husband Kristoff. Jack Frost leapt onto the castle windowsill of the baby’s room, making a pattern of swirling flake frosting on the windowpane as he lifted it up. The babe was sound asleep in her cradle. He touched her cheek. Through the baby’s memory, he saw her parents and HER. The belle with frosty white hair in the child’s memory had to be the Snow Queen. Frosty hair like that was a mark of one touched by magic. Not just any magic but winter magic. He put down his staff and leaned down to pick up the child when he felt a chill creeping up his spine. He loved chilly feelings of any sort but this time the cool draft wasn’t being caused by him. He and the baby were not alone.

Elsa: Keep your hands off that baby!!!

Jack: You can see me???

Elsa: I’m not blind. Off-course I can see you. Back away!

Jack: Is that a stalactite sword? Fascinating!

Elsa: I said step away from the child

Jack: I mean the child no harm. I merely meant to get a glimpse of the child. I love babies

Elsa: Put that staff down

Jack: I can’t… I need to show you something…..Don’t alert the guards just yet. Just see what I have to show you

Waving the staff he caused a series of snowflakes to float her way. They swirled around her turning her pale blue dress, a shimmery silver. Silver as a wintry sky. She looked at him stunned and then put herself between him and the cradle.

Elsa: Stand away Wizard! Who are you? What do you want?

Jack: My name is Jack Frost. I am no Wizard. I am a Guardian. The Guardian of Fun actually. The duty of Guardians is to protect children of different realms from the evil that lies in the darkness. But for that we have to ensure that children believe in us. This belief is created when they feel happy and safe because such feelings are magical aren’t they?

Elsa: A Guardian who protects children? Well the child here is a royal. There is no safer place for her than a castle

Jack: You’ll be amazed at the multitude of creatures residing in the dark who would like nothing more than to prey on the fear of children and rid the world off their innocence. I have fought those forces all my life. I fight these forces till date. No human power can hold down these forces

Elsa: So as a Guardian you have magic?

Jack: I am the Spirit of Winter. Tis the season to be jolly after all. I am sooo suited to being the Guardian of Fun!

Elsa: You said Spirit. Does that mean you’re…

Jack: Dead yes

Elsa: I’m sorry

Jack: Don’t be. It was a long time ago

Elsa: How did you die?

Jack: I fell through thin ice when trying to save my sister. She lived but I didn’t make it. I wouldn’t have it any other way though

Elsa: Jack I’m sorry

Jack: Like I said it was a long time ago. The important thing is that I saved my sister. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t have done for her

Elsa: I have control over Winter too. I’m not dead so I can’t be a Spirit. Am I a Guardian too?

Jack: No controlling Winter does not make you a Guardian. You have to be chosen

Elsa: By whom?

Jack: The Moon

Elsa: I’m sorry. The what????

Jack: It’s a long story. You can put the sword down now

Elsa: So what does that make me? Why can I do what you do?

Jack: You were born with your powers. You can be born with them or they can be bestowed. They exist when they are needed. Maybe your powers were needed here

Elsa: Arendelle has always been peaceful

Jack: For now, one does not know what the future holds

Elsa: These dark forces, if they come here will I be able to see them?

Jack: You are part magic and part human. I believe your magic will allow you to see them. I believe it is that which allows you to see me as well

Elsa: How old are you?

Jack: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Let’s keep it to very very old. I have prevailed long before you were born. But my death has kept me from aging

Elsa: I have stopped aging too

Jack: I know. But it’s your magic not death that keeps you from aging. You will be timeless

Elsa: Can children see you? Have you ever visited me and my sister when we were kids?

Jack: Only the strongest child believers see us. Other children may not see us but they feel our presence. No I have never been to Arendelle. Guardians weren’t needed here at that time. But the Moon, the one who chose me to be a Guardian said I needed to be here now

Elsa: Why?

Jack: To train you. Thank God you can see me or that area would have been problematic

Elsa: To train me?

Jack: To train you to recognise and fight the darkness. To realize the full extent of your snow powers. To keep Arendelle safe but mostly to have fun while doing it

Elsa: Fun?

Jack: Yes fun. Name something fun you want to do and we’ll do it

Elsa: You said our powers were the same? Can we bring winter to Arendelle together? I’ve never had anyone with whom I could do stuff like this before

Jack: Ah Elsa! I have a feeling you and I are gonna be snow-good together

Elsa: For how long will you stay in Arendelle, Jack?

Jack: For as long as I’m needed here. Arendelle looks like a pretty cool place to be. But Elsa if it were up to me, I’d hope to stay till hell freezes over

(He winks at her, finally picks up the baby and coos at the infant)

Elsa: That may be soon because if you don’t put the baby down now you will give her frostbite and then hell will have a name. That name is Anna

5) Jenny Foxworth & Pinocchio

jenny foxworth and pinocchio

Wood carving came naturally to Pinocchio. Sure his father had to train him initially but Gepetto said Pinocchio had a natural flair for it. Pinocchio understood wood probably because once upon a time he was made from it. Before he became a real boy. No-one knew his story here. When they moved to their new home. Gepetto and he had decided that people would relay that tale as a lie. So they remained mute on the topic just sticking to the facts that made sense. Most of his wooden pieces were his own genuine creations. He was working on his newest commission from France. A giant wooden statue of Zephyr, son of Esmeralda and Captain Phoebus. Zephyr had recently been awarded the title of Captain of the King’s Archers. His statue was going to be erected at the grand estate of his proud parents. Zephyr had received his latest assignment and was traveling to Scotland to aid the King of Scotland in a matter of state and would discover his likeness only when he got back. Which gave Pinocchio sufficient time to let the chips fall into place in a manner of speaking. The bell in his shop tinkled and a welcome sight greeted him. A bright orange cat raced inside followed by a lean teenage girl. Jenny.

Jenny: Hey Pino, I got here as soon as I could, Butler wanted to give me a ride but since traffic was crazy I used my own set of wheels

Pino: Meaning you skateboarded here

Jenny: Yes on the very same skateboard you made me

Pino: Should we get to it?

Jenny: Yes I can’t wait

Pino: Thanks for agreeing to do this with me

Jenny: We’ve been friends for a long time. You don’t have to thank me

Pino: It makes sense doesn’t it? I make the puppets. And you bring them to life!

Jenny: Are you complimenting me on my skills as a puppeteer?

Pino: You know I am

Jenny: I think Gepetto will love it. Coming up with a puppet show for his retirement party was an ingenious plan

Pino: Of all of his work in woodcraft, puppetry has always been his favourite

Jenny: You’ve always said that in every block of wood there is a story waiting to be created

Pino: You remembered that?

Jenny: I remembered that because your work reflects it. Everything you create seems to tell a story. But you still haven’t told me the story behind the puppets you created for this show

Pino: It’s the story about a puppet who wants to become a real boy

Jenny: Oh that’s exciting!!! You know this wooden piece looks like you and these ones like Gepetto and Figaro

Pino: Hmm does it? Maybe those pieces were inspired from real life

Jenny: This one’s beautiful. There’s a fairy in this story?

Pino: Oh yes! The Blue Fairy she’s pretty instrumental to the story. So is the cricket and the whale

Jenny: There’s a big fish and little fish?

Pino: Yeah the big one’s the whale, the small one’s a goldfish

Jenny: Like Cleo

Pino: That’s a coincidence. My thinking was every family should have a cat and a fish

Jenny: Amen to that. There are lots of animals in this story

Pino: Some of them are symbolic

Jenny: Explain

Pino: The cricket’s name is Jiminy Cricket. When a cricket chirps and you hear it there’s good luck on the way. In this story Jiminy acts as the puppet’s conscience. If only our puppet boy had listened to him in the beginning he would have had good luck sooner than you think. The wooden fox is Honest John. Honest John the Fox isn’t really honest. He is as cunning as they come. Towards the end of the story the puppet along with some other boys almost get themselves turned into asses because to be honest well they were behaving like asses. And the Whale is the turning point in the story. The Whale’s a symbol of repentance and change much like the story of Jonah and the Whale. The puppet saves his father from the Whale and drowns. If it wasn’t for the Whale, he may have never gotten a second chance. It was this final act which turns him into a real boy

Jenny: Your father told me that you almost died from drowning once when you were young

Pino: Did he?

Jenny: Yes it’s beautiful Pino! You’ve fabricated this puppet’s story drawing a lot of inspiration from your own life. Thank God for animals too. If it wasn’t for Oliver getting lost and winding up in your shop we would have never met!!

Pino: Yes we wouldn’t be the best friends we are now! And Figaro wouldn’t have had some good company

Jenny: Oliver and company. That has a nice ring to it. What have you decided to call the puppet boy?

Pino: Hmmm that’s the part where I get truly stuck. How about Woody?

Jenny: No you’ll get him mixed up with the toy cowboy in Toy Story. Pino I have a great idea. Since this is your brainchild and you’ve drawn most of the inspiration from your life why don’t you call the puppet Pinocchio?

Pino: The puppet should have my name?

Jenny: The puppet is central to the story. You are central to Gepetto’s life. I think Gepetto would love that twist

Pino: I’m sure he would find it….amusing

Jenny: And you’re a wood crafter. You aren’t made of wood like a puppet. That’s crazy!!! But you deal in wood. So it all fits together

Pino: Well if you think soooo…..

Jenny: Yes Pino I do!!! And for extra kicks give the puppet’s father Gepetto’s name and the cat and little fish, Figaro’s and Cleo’s!!!!

Pino: Won’t that be too much?

Jenny: Nope! You have the creative license to do whatever you want!!! Now tell me the whole story. Start at the beginning!!!!

Pino (laughing): Alright then. Once upon a time………….

Pinocchio finished telling Jenny the story noting that it was ironic that she was actually listening to his actual life story, without knowing it. Although he was doing this puppet show for his father, he was pretty much doing it for Jenny too. He wanted Jenny to know the truth about him. He had wanted to tell her his story indirectly but with the actual turn of events she now knew the whole truth. Off-course she thought all of this was fiction. In time he would ease her into the truth because as the years had flown by she was turning out to be more than a friend. Something she was beginning to realize too. Soon she would realize that the truth as it were is sometimes stranger than fiction.

6) Melody and Captain Jack Sparrow

melody and jack

“We have him Captain Melody. We caught Jack Sparrow!” Sweeter words had never been spoken. It was about time. Tales of the daring pirate and his crazy antics had traveled from one end of the seven seas to the other. Melody hadn’t given it much of a thought. Pirates had always existed but mermaids had existed longer. Besides she had a kingdom to run. Her mother and father were pretty persistent that she attend to her princess duties with as much passion as she did when listening to tales from her friends under the sea. But tales both on the sea and under the sea was her poison. Pirates hadn’t been her problem. They were afraid of mermaids because some mermaid tribes craved not pleasure of the flesh, but pleasure of feasting on the fest. Her grandfather allowed it to some extent because it kept pirates and humans away from the mermaid realm. While her grandfather’s kingdom lay below the sea, her fathers kingdom was located directly over it so it served both purposes. Besides mermaids used scare tactics, pulled humans under the sea and only ate the bad ones. The good ones were befriended, returned to land and sworn to secrecy and encouraged to spread the rumours. Or were turned into mermaids themselves. But now pirates were her problem. An Emissary ship bearing her father’s banner had been shipped out to the City of Atlantis to assure them of friendly relations between humans, mermaids and the Atlantean realm. While her father’s banner represented human realm, her mermaid locket entrusted to her by her grandfather represented the mermaid realm-Atlanta. Before reaching the City of Atlantis however the Emissary ship was ambushed by the Black Pearl, her ship’s crew had mysteriously disappeared and the only thing stolen was her locket. It struck her as odd. The treasure on her ship had been located at the bottom of the sea along with the remaining wreckage of the ship. Captaining her own private vessel she had scoured the sea for the Black Pearl and its crew. She had not found the ship or the crew but had instead happened upon its Captain.

Melody: So this is the legendary Jack Sparrow

Jack: Captain love. Captain Jack Sparrow

Melody: Captain Jack Sparrow. I’m Captain Melody. Why did you do to my ship the Atlanta Song?

Jack: Aye you be a female cap’n love? That be a welcome change. If ye lost ye ship I guarantee ye on me honour as a scurvy pirate I had nothin’ to do wit’ it. Seems to me though that if ye did loose ye ship then we share a common problem. You see me ship be missin’ too

Melody: Your ship attacked my ship!!!

Jack: Aye that be th’ problem love. When as ye say me ship attacked ye ship I wasn’t captainin it savvy?

Melody: Then who be…who was captaining it?

Jack: Maybe th’ scallywag who stole me ship

Melody: A female pirate stole your ship? Why would any pirate want to steal your ship? What’s so special about it?

Jack: Band ‘o pirates be band ‘o pirates love. Stealin’ other people’s ships be what we do. Me own ship the Black Pearl be lost to me more times than me count. But th’ fact ‘o th’ matter be that this hour twas not a lady pirate who stole me ship. Twas a scary feminine tentacly creature ‘o th’ sea

Melody: What type of creature? Can you describe it?

Jack: Be some giant green squid creature wit’ long hair ‘n red lips. Female me reckon. First me thinks she be some relation o’ me nemesis Davy Jones but she didn’t seem to recall th’ moniker

Melody: Morgana. No it can’t be. She was imprisoned in ice and cast to the depths of the sea

Jack: Ye be knowin’ th’ scallywag who stole me ship?

Melody: Aye she is my nemesis. I don’t know why she stole your ship but if it was she who attacked my ship, she took something of great importance to me. My locket

Jack: A locket be nothin’ but a mere trinket love. Me ship on th’ other hand be worth more than gold

Melody: You don’t understand. It’s not an ordinary locket. To any person who finds it, it shows you the way to Atlanta, realm of the mermaids, if you know how to decode it. If Morgana figures that out, she will use it to travel to Atlanta and wage war on the mermaids

Jack: If ’tis be a bloody mermaid war I be not gettin’ involved if ye pleased. Nasty creatures’ mermaids

Melody: Strange. Mermaids seem to think pirates are the nasty creatures. I’m sure not all of them are bad. I heard you had your way with one of them

Jack: Aye and when it ended she tried to bite me head off

Melody: Only because she found out she wasn’t the only one you were having your way with

Jack: What do ye be knowin’ ‘o th’ matter fair lass?

Melody: More than you can imagine actually. But never mind that. It would be in your interest to get involved Captain Jack Sparrow. If Morgana seeks to war with the mermaids, the human realm will be affected too and that includes you and your crew. Morgana was imprisoned in solid ice cast by the trident that governs all creatures of the sea. Whatever released her from the ice could not have been a sea creature. And definitely not human. I need to get my locket back

Jack: How be ye in possession of such a locket lassie? And how ye be knowin’ them mermaids?

Melody: It’s complicated. My men said that when they captured you, you were captaining “a ship” which I’m assuming is not yours since the Black Pearl was as you put it was stolen

Jack: Ye be instigating that I stole the other ship love?

Melody: Didn’t you say that pirates steal other people’s ships?

Jack: Well I “borrowed” the other ship and aim to restore it to its rightful owner after I get me Black Pearl back

Melody: Do you happen to know where your ship is now Jack?

Jack: Aye been tracking her. Got a brief idea of where she be headin’ when your men kindly disrupted me rescue mission

Melody: How are you tracking the Black Pearl?

Jack: With this

Melody: A compass??

Jack: Not just any compass love. T’is a magical compass that points to the thing ye want most in the world. And right now I really want me ship back

Melody: So if you get your ship, I get my locket. We’re coming with you Jack. Untie his bonds

Jack: Why would I be helping the likes of ye?

Melody: Because I’ll be bringing along an army to help you get back your ship. An army of the human realm and sea realm soldiers at your disposal. And we will reward you with treasure

Jack: What treasure? And how would I be havin’ a bunch of fishy eating man creatures at me disposal?

Melody: My Grandfather is Triton the King of Atanta

Jack: Begging your pardon missie your figure is curvy at best but not curvy enough to be developing fins any time soon

Melody: I am half human and half mermaid. I can turn into a mermaid at will if need be but I choose to stay human

Jack: How do I know ye telling the truth? Mermaids be real aye but Atlanta is a myth. Doesn’t exist. Anyone who goes down with them mermaids never comes back

Melody: Atlanta is real. You came back with Marina didn’t you?

Jack: Aye she be the one who told me Atlanta was a myth

Melody: That’s because we have to protect the secret of its existence. You will come back now. Look you don’t have to trust me. But I’m going to prove it to you. I’m taking you to Atlanta now after we make a quick stop at my castle

Jack: Castle?

Melody: Yes castle. Don’t worry I didn’t steal it. I happen to own it

Jack: I be in the presence of royalty?

Melody: Yes my father is the King of these parts. If we find your ship and my locket we will reward you beyond your wildest dreams

Jack: Begging your pardon Princess. All I really want is me ship. Mermaid treasure be wretchedly cursed

Melody: My father is human. His castle is on land, that’s where you will get your treasure from

Jack: A mighty anomaly aren’t ye princess? Mermaid grandfather? Human father? Which means you inherited ye mermaid genes from ye mother? Have I met ye mother?

Melody: She has scoured many a sunken pirate ship. I’m surprised you two haven’t bumped into each other yet

Jack: So bottom line Princess is that you’re paying me to get back me own ship with treasure that isn’t wretched? Aye then ye treasure be welcome. And once I get me ship and me crew I can leave with said crew and said ship?

Melody: I won’t stop you. Where is your crew by the way?

Jack: Green fangled wretch took them along with the crew from ye ship that ye be looking for. If there be anything I hate more than them mermaids it be them giant magical squid creatures. They be squirting trouble always? Why can’t they just be squirting bubbles?

Melody: So how did you escape?

Jack: Isn’t be obvious?

Melody: ………….

Jack: I’m Captain Jack Sparrow. Now let’s drink to this temporary yet much welcomed partnership. Ye wouldn’t happen to have any rum on ye would ye?

Melody: I’m afraid all our rum is gone

Jack: Blast me black sails. Why is it always the rum that’s gone?

Picture credits:

Elsa & Jack Frost by Panda-neko-pyon (

Jenny Foxworth by kattugglan (

Pinocchio by Hyung86 (

Captain Melody by ClubMelody (

Captain Jack Sparrow (

And they lived happily ever after banner (



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