It’s Salem-entary my Dear Watson! Or is it?

Are you the kind of person that keeps telling everybody that you’re 100% sure you’re a witch/ wizard and the owl delivering your Hogwarts letter probably got misplaced?

Good News! You’re not wrong! Confused? Keep reading!

Everyone and I mean everyone has actually got the potential to be a witch or wizard. Whether good or bad though the choice is really upto us. This article is party inspired by a new TV show I’m watching called Salem and a recent discussion on energy healing that I had with my gym instructor.

Am I “spelling” this right? : The portrayal of the wicked witch through Salem 2014

Say the word Salem and the first word that pops into anyone’s mind is witches. Salem is famous for the witch trials that took place in the late 17th century in Massachusetts. If you dig deeper into the witch trials you will learn that the so called “witches” who were hung for their witchcraft crimes against humanity were actually innocents and that the whole thing was an elaborate power play by the Puritans who wished to strengthen their political hold over Salem and control the population using religious sentiments. And what better way to control the population than through fear? Popular notions depict witches as being inherently evil; it is the modern age that brings along the probable belief of the good witch. The TV Show Salem borrows some names of real people who were present at the Salem witch trials but gives the show characters fictional stories ( )

What is interesting is that the TV show Salem’s main protagonist/antagonist (hard to say in her case) Mary Sibley who has traded her soul to the devil seems to be waging an internal war now between giving her heart over to darkness or to the only man she has ever loved- John Alden. Drawing inspiration from the actual events that took place at the Salem Witch Trials but blending it into a tale of fiction, the TV Show Salem portrays alleged practices and symbols of the wicked witch in accordance with Puritan (English Protestant) views on witchcraft which are detailed below:

 1. Diabolical pact-A diabolical pact is typically signing a deal with devil and giving him your soul in exchange for the powers he gives you. This deal is sometimes accompanied with sacrificing a new born infant which seals the deal. We get to see this happening first hand when Tituba initiates Mary Sibley into witchcraft and she sacrifices the baby Mary is carrying (John Alden’s though he is unaware of it) to the devil. However Mary’s love for Alden is highlighted strongly because even as the ritual happens, she is shown to be fearful of losing Alden when she gives herself over to the devil, a fear that doesn’t disappear even after the ritual is complete. Also a commonly held notion that witches recruit other women who show potential for being witches into the witch trade is highlighted in the series.

 2. Grand Rite- Also called Ritum Magni in the TV series. Cotton Mather says it is the witches greatest secret and so far has only been attempted never accomplished. We are not sure what the Grand Rite entails except the slaughtering of 10 innocents so far but what it will do is give the witches complete power over Salem.

 3. Witches Sabbath- This is a gathering of witches normally at isolated places like forests, mostly characterized by demonic orgies. At Salem, John Alden and Isaac the Fornicator witness the Witches Black Sabbath being practiced at the time by Mary Sibley, Magistrate Hale and Tituba who remain unrecognized as they take the forms of a human pig, ram and wolf. It is possible that Sibley, Hale and Tituba invite the Kenaima to possess them during that time period. Tituba makes a reference to the Kenaima before the Sabbath. It is believed to be an evil spirit that possesses people and causes them to turn into deadly animals. The writhing bodies in black pitch that John and Issac see are either souls trapped in hell or a demonic orgy.

4. Familiars – Familiars which take the form of animals in Salem are gifts given by the devil to his faithful over time and they do the bidding of the witches serving as servants and companions to them in turn. Mary Sibley’s familiar is a frog which she uses to control her husband George Sibley which renders him an invalid in front of the folks of Salem, when in reality he is being spelled. Titubas’s familiar is a spider which is later used by newly initiated witch, Mercy Lewis to silence George after he escapes Mary’s clutches and is recovering under the care of Cotton’s father, Increase Mathers.

5. Witches teat- Witch’s familiars had to be nursed by witches from the witch’s teat- a mark on some part of the witch’s body. These teats were also used to identify women who were accused of being witches. In Salem, Mary Sibley’s frog feeds from a teat present on her inner thigh, while Tituba’s spider feeds from a mark on the back of her neck.

6. Witch casting stones– Another artifact used to identify witches were casting stones, used by witches for the purpose of prediction. Increase Mather discovers casting stones of Mab, the owner of Salem’s whorehouse and imprisons her. She is also the first actual witch to be hanged for witchcraft in the TV series.

7. Malum- John Alden pinches a box covered with Satanic symbols from William Hook after killing him and opens it to find a wooden apple which shows him visions of a plague which kills millions in Salem. Cotton Mather recognizes the box as Malum (Latin for evil) – an instrument to be used in the Grand Rite which is believed to consecrate the earth for the devil’s return. It is indirectly understood that if Mary Sibley fails to bring about the Grand Rite, then the Malum most certainly will.

8. Pressing Test-The pressing test was used to make the person accused of witchcraft talk by placing the person beneath heavy stones. Giles Corey a friend of John Alden’s is pressed to death in Salem. Incidentally, Giles Corey was a real life figure in the Salem Witch Trials who was crushed to death by pressing.

9. Dunk Test- Another form of punishment used on the accused to make them admit their involvement in witchcraft was the dunk test. The accused was bound to a wooden chair connected to a wooden apparatus that would dunk her under water till she was broken into submission. In the TV series, Increase Mathers uses this punishment on Mab to make her confess her crimes.

10. Voodoo doll- A black magic practice where the person performing voodoo uses a doll to harm another person by embedding some form of the victim’s DNA in the doll. In Salem, Mary Sibley uses a voodoo doll to control and nearly suffocate Anne Hale, daughter of John Hale, Salem’s Magistrate to show the Magistrate (who is in league with the witches), who holds true power in Salem.

11. Necromancy- Necromancy is the act of communicating with the deceased which can be performed by those engaging in black magic. In the series, Tituba temporarily resurrects William Hook after his death to discover John Alden’s secret.

Witchy watchy wonders: Energy healers-the modern day good witches

What is the defining trait of any witch? Her ability to do magic! But what is magic really? Leaving aside entering pacts with the devil, (that’s just scary and a big no-no), magic in its purest form is nothing but manipulating energy within you and around you to achieve your goals. Books like The Secret say that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Which means our minds, or more precisely our thoughts are a powerful thing. Which makes energy healers, modern day witches. The good kind, obviously. Energy healing takes place worldwide, with one portion of the world’s population totally supporting the process and the other portion dissing it as a scam.

An energy healer is one so attuned to his body and the energy forces around him that he can channel that energy to heal the chakras of the body (Your very own energy healing centres at various points in your body). This can be attained through immense concentration, breathing techniques, meditation and energy awareness exercises which can be taught to you by accomplished energy healers. Since my gym instructor is getting into this, she keeps telling me bits and pieces about the process and when I realized that energy healers are no more than modern day witches and that anybody (ANYBODY) can get into it, I got more interested in it from an educational point of view. So the journalist in me got into interview mode and I began to question her further. This is a little from what I gleaned from her:

Q. If anybody could get energy healing done then why aren’t more people using it to heal themselves?

Most people are not aware of this process and even if they are, the process is not believed to work by many. For it to completely work both parties- the healer and the patient- require to have 100% confidence in its ability to work. And they have to practice a whole lot before they master it which requires dedicated concentration. We all know how easy it is to loose our concentration.

Q. So anybody can get into energy healing?

Yes practically anybody can become an energy healer but to become a practicing one you need to be fully trained by someone who can guide you more appropriately. With or without training, it requires complete concentration and belief. You first have to cleanse your chakras and strengthen your body’s aura to block all negative forces so that you can start channeling positive energy towards other people.

Q. Does energy healing drain the healer?

An energy healer is mainly a conduit allowing energy already present to move through him to a patient and as such he does not use up his own energy. However energy healing can drain the healer if the healer does not protect himself. A healer has to develop a protective shield around his aura which protects him while healing. A healer can also do a bit of “spelling” or positive praying. Once an energy healer finishes the healing process he also has to close his aura or disconnect to stop energy flow to the patient and negative energies from affecting him. Otherwise unknowingly he will go on sending energy to the patient and will end up getting drained. A beginner normally does not go beyond 3 healings per day.

Q. So people undertake energy healing which is a good thing. But what if people use it to do something bad? Can you kill a person by manipulating energy?

Mostly to get trained by an energy healer, the trainee will first have to undergo scanning by the healer who can usually detect whether a person has a clean state of mind and will use that energy with good intent. Many people have been rejected training by energy healers. Also most people become energy healers with the intent of using energy to do good, to heal themselves and others. But yes energy manipulation can be used to harm others and that is where you get dark magic from. Most people don’t get into that though because they believe that causing harm to a person will bring 10 times the amount of harm back to you. To kill a person will do worse. Killing a person will take up immense power of the energy wielder and sometimes it is possible that a person may accomplish it only once in his entire lifetime. So mass destruction is out of the question. And it will only work on a person who is receptive to it and who does not have an aura that is stronger than the wielder. If his aura is stronger than the wielder’s, the negative energy may just backfire and kill the wielder.

Q. So how do I know that someone isn’t trying to harm me right now?

Most people blame energy drains and negative feelings on what we call “psychic vampires”. They are the opposites of energy healers. They drain rather than give energy. No they aren’t bad people, unless their intent is evil. Like real vampires these people feed on energy of people some with intent and some without knowing it. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that they are psychic vampires. There is a fully established Codex for those who know they are psychic vampires on the net and it states clearly that a psychic vampire cannot and should not harm individuals and states barriers which offer unknowing victims protection. But if you are freaked out by reading this now and want to protect yourself, you do have a weapon. Your mind. The key word is receptivity. On how receptive you are to these things and how much you let it affect you. Most often you can prevent energy drains by simply refusing to acknowledge it and keeping a positive flow of thought going. You can choose not to believe it. This by itself creates a block against anyone trying to steal your energy. You can walk away from anyone who makes you feel negative. Off-course there is a difference between psychic vampires and really shitty people who tend to piss you off, so the two must not be confused. You may think you feel drained by a person you don’t like, but he may not necessarily be a psychic vampire (while he may equally not like you, it does not mean he may be feeding off you). People who are low on energy and always negative about things tend to attract negativity in turn, with illnesses and other sicknesses which can cause tears in your aura, and make you a possible victim of psychic vampires. If this happens to you, you need to have your chakras cleansed again which will strengthen your aura and keep it defensive.

You have the power to move mountains!!! Really!!

I for one wouldn’t put off energy healing entirely. Even the Bible shows Christ having the power to heal. While that is put down to his Godly powers and the Holy Spirit, even that kind of power requires a certain degree of energy manipulation to heal. Which actually makes Christ the greatest and most accomplished energy healer to have ever existed. And if you say that he did it because he is a God and that we can’t because we are mere mortals, then guess what? He made you in his own image and likeness which means you possess more powers that are God-like than not. We are officially his “mortal instruments” if you get my drift. There is also a passage in the Bible where Christ quotes “If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you could move mountains”. When you put this in the context of energy healing a lot of things suddenly seem to make sense. Even the Apostles healed people after Pentecost Sunday when the Holy Spirit descended on them. What the Holy Spirit does is increase your faith and belief and makes the impossible seem possible. The Secret tells you that in order to gain that which you most desire you have to focus your utmost belief on getting it and not let a shred of doubt creep in. That is where most of fail. The minute you let doubt creep in, you have to start the belief process all over again.

When your mind rises to the challenge, you will soon realize that whatever you thought impossible seems merely like Witch-ful thinking………

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