There be dragons here

With fire in their breath and steel in their eyes, I await the day when dragons rule the sky

None of us are lucky enough to be dragon riders. We will never know the pleasure of soaring through the skies on the wings of a dragon. What we as mere mortals can do though, is let the wings of our imagination take flight. I have comprised a list of popular dragons that I have come across either in books or movies and have categorized them under different ways dragons are portrayed through these media.

O’ to be as wise as a dragon! Now scroll down and fire up your reading skills!

1. Dragons as a figment of imagination

Puff the Magic Dragon


Appearance in: Puff the Magic Dragon song made popular in 1963 by Peter, Paul & Mary

I loved this song as a kid and remember it being aired frequently on radio sets in the 90s. At first you think it’s about the sea adventures of a boy called Jackie Paper and his pet dragon Puff in the magical land of Honah Lee but by the end of the song you realize Puff was nothing more than his imaginary friend and Honah Lee was a make-believe world. The song signifies the loss of childish innocence and creativity and the growth of the skeptical mind of an adult that refuses to acknowledge the magical moments in life.

Puff the Magic Dragon Song Lyrics:

2. Dragons paired with Dragon Riders

Saphira & Eragon


Appearance in: The Inheritance Cycle books by Christopher Paolini

Dragon Riders formerly responsible for maintaining peace in Alagaësia are nearly destroyed in entirety by the rider Galbatorix when his request for a new dragon to replace his slain one is denied. Galbatorix causes havoc over the land enslaving the Eldunari (Dragon’s Heart of Hearts) and what he believes are the last 3 dragon eggs. Dragon eggs will only hatch when the dragon chooses it’s rider. Eragon finds a dragon egg while out hunting and the egg hatches for him and leaves a mark on his hand in the shape of a dragon signifying he is the dragon’s chosen one. Eragon names his dragon Saphira. Eragon and Saphira share a strong bond and he begins his training as a dragon rider. Because of the bond between him and Saphira, he has enhanced physical abilities and the ability to use magic. Saphira and Eragon also share a mental link that allows them to transmit images and feelings telepathically and talk to each other without speaking. Eragon and Saphira’s main quest becomes aiding the Varden in defeating Galbatorix and restoring peace to Alagaësia. Other dragons paired with their riders in the series include Firnen & Arya, Murtagh & Thorn, Shruikan & Galbatorix & Glaedr & Oromis.

Toothless & Hiccup


Appearance in: How to train your dragon (2010) & (2014)

In How to train your dragon 2010, Hiccup, hailing from the Viking village of Berk,  is raised to believe that dragons are dangerous and must be fought. He does not seem to possess the skills for attack but yet manages to shoot down Night Fury believed to be an extremely dangerous dragon. Not having the heart to kill it, he sets it free only to discover later on that it can’t fly because its tail is injured. He makes a prosthetic tail piece for the dragon he names Toothless and starts training and riding him using a makeshift harness. Because his understanding of dragons increases owing to the time he spends with Toothless, he becomes top of his class in the village. Hiccup and Toothless’s main task is defeating the evil dragon Red Death and saving the village which changes the attitudes of the Vikings of Berk towards dragons. Hiccup loses his left foot while saving Toothless and has to use a prosthetic leg himself, making him and his dragon a truly evenly matched pair.


How to train your dragon 2014, finds the village of Berk at peace with dragons and a lot of Vikings hard-trained to ride dragons. Hiccup has become really hot after 5 years and he and Astrid are a confirmed couple. Hiccup’s father Stoick is pressing him to take over as Chief of Berk but not believing that that is the true path for him, Hiccup spends most of his time discovering new lands with Toothless. Astrid and Hiccup discover a dragon trapper Eret and his crew at a blue ice formation, who blame Hiccup for the dragons that went missing from their vessel that they had to deliver to the tyrant Drago Bludvist. When Hiccup’s father refuses to listen to his son’s plea for attempted peace, Hiccup and Toothless escape and purposely let themselves be captured by Eret demanding to be taken to Drago. However a faceless warrior captures Hiccup and Toothless and is revealed to be Hiccup’s mother Valka, who assumed dead, left the village to free dragons from tyranny. She leads Hiccup to an ice colossal formed by the alpha dragon called a Bewilderbeast (kinda like an ice dragon) who rules over all the dragons and maintains peace. She has been leading all captured dragons to this place for years. When Hiccup’s dad comes looking for him, Hiccup witnesses his parents reunion. Drago does not want to control dragons but wants to control people using dragons. There ensues a battle between Valka’s Bewilderbeast and Drago’s Bewilderbeast (yes he managed to get one of his own too). Drago’s Bewilderbeast wins taking all the dragons of Berk under his Alpha power including Toothless. Under the influence, Toothless kill’s Hiccup’s dad. The movie ends with Hiccup breaking Toothless’s enchantment and Toothless challenging the bad Bewilderbeast and winning over the support of the other dragons whose illusions are in turn broken by Toothless. Defeated by Toothless, Drago and his Bewilderbeast retreat into the sea, Toothless becomes the alpha dragon and Hiccup takes his place as Chief of Berk as he now believes his mother when she told him he had the heart of a chief and the soul of a dragon.

Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion & Daenarys Targaryen


Appearance in: GoT TV Series (2011-present) based on the Game of Thrones book series by George RR Martin

Daenarys Targaryen receives 3 petrified dragon eggs as her wedding gift, when she is wed to Khal Drogo. Drawn to the eggs, she tries various ways of hatching them. After the death of her husband and unborn son, she succeeds after she steps into the fire which she has immersed the eggs in. She emerges unburnt with the 3 dragons hatched and she names them Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion after her husband and two brothers. Drogon is black with red markings, Rhaegal is green with bronze markings and Viserion is cream with gold markings. It is apparent that Daenarys plans to use the dragons to wage war against those opposing her for the Game of Thrones.

Drake & Geoff


Appearance in: Dragonheart: A New Beginning (2000)

This is a sequel to Dragonheart (1996). A prophecy has passed stating that a dragon’s heart will be used for great evil when a two tailed comet passes the sky. One year before his death, the Knight Bowen visits the cave of Draco and discovers a dragon egg. The egg is given to the monastery of Brother Gilbert and his monks. After 20 years, a young stable boy Geoff who dreams of becoming a Knight discovers the young dragon Drake and the two become friends. An old Chinese man Kwan and a young female protégé Lian come looking for the dragon rumoured in the prophecy and they start training Drake on how to use his dragon powers. When the King’s adviser Osric discovers that the last rumoured dragon is alive, he befriends Geoff under false pretenses and promises to make him a knight. Later on we discover that Osric is under an enchantment and is actually the evil dragon Griffin who went on a rampage and killed humans prompting the Chinese King to slay all dragons in the East. Griffin’s heart was cut out by the emperor and Griffin was cursed to live in human form, a form that he detested. Although he was initially after Drake’s heart (this attempt was thwarted by Geoff), Osric now discovers that his real heart is intact and in possession of Lian who is actually the Princess of China. Osric tears open his chest and places his dragon heart within him and transforms into the dragon Griffin. Drake and Geoff manage to kill Osric/ Griffin, but the attempt kills Geoff as well. Drake gives Geoff half his heart and Geoff lives. Since Geoff is pure at heart, the consequence of Drake’s action gives everyone hope for a new beginning.

3. Dragon Transformation



Appearance in: Sleeping Beauty (1959) and Maleficent (2014)

In the 1959 cartoon version, in a final attempt to thwart Prince Philip’s efforts to awaken Sleeping Beauty/ Briar Rose, the evil fairy Maleficent transforms into a huge dragon outside King Stefan’s castle walls. Just as she is about to kill Philip, he thrusts his fairy-enchanted sword of truth into her heart wounding her and she falls to her death. In the 2014 film version, Maleficent is the protagonist who temporarily turns into a dragon to fend off attacks from King Stefan’s soldiers. King Stefan is the antagonist in this version.

Queen Narissa


Appearance in: Enchanted (2007)

Queen Narissa is the antagonist in Enchanted, scheming to destroy Giselle who captures the heart of her step- son Prince Edward as she fears Giselle will overthrow her rule as Queen when Edward becomes King. She transforms into a purplish bluish fire-breathing dragon, reminiscent of Maleficent, battles Giselle and Giselle’s true love Robert on top of the Woolsworth Building and falls to her death after the chipmunk Pip breaks the spyre of the building holding her.

The Simi


Appearance in: The Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Simi is a Charonte demon given to Acheron by his mother Apollymi, when he is brought back to life as a God, to be Acheron’s companion and protector. Simi means “baby” in Charonte and she refers to herself as “The Simi” and to Acheron as “Akri” meaning master. In her demonic form, she has red and white marble skin and eyes that are red rimmed with orange but in her human form she has blue eyes, long black hair laced with red streaks and sports Goth apparel like Acheron. When she isn’t in her demonic/ human form she takes the form of a dragon tattoo normally stretching from Acheron’s heart to his shoulder. Acheron treats her like a daughter. She is constantly hungry has a fetish for barbeque sauce.

Eustace Scrubbs


Appearance in: The Chronicles of Narnia-The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) based on the book by C.S. Lewis

Even though he is much younger than his cousins Lucy and Edmund, Eustace Scrubbs is arrogant, insufferable and a bully although he displays all these traits because he is jealous of the sibling bond between the Pevensies. Eustace labels their belief in Narnia as childish and continues to believe he is under some delusion even after the painting in his spare bedroom sucks him and his cousins into the land of Narnia aboard the ship of Prince Caspian. When the ship suffers a storm, they dock at an island and Eustace wanders off and watches a dragon die outside a cave. He enters the cave, puts on a golden bracelet and falls asleep. When he wakes up he realizes he has been transformed into a dragon for having “dragonish thoughts”. The best part of the movie is when dragon Eustace battles the sea serpent at the Dark Island. He is later turned back into a boy by Aslan who peels the dragon skin off him. The reason for him turning into a dragon was because he behaved like a monster on the inside, so in Narnia this was reflected on the outside as well. When he starts being more humane and improves his attitude, Aslan reverses him back to his normal state. His dragon transformation could be attributed to both dragon magic and Narnian magic.

Celestial dragon


Appearance in: Dragon Wars (2007)

Mighty serpents called Imoogi live in the heavens above their legions and followers. Every 500 years a good Imoogi is rewarded for its good behavior with the chance to become a celestial dragon. In order to become a celestial dragon, the good Imoogi needs to receive the Yuh Yi Joo (spirit power) from heaven. A good Imoogi will use this power for good. However among the Imoogi there was an evil serpent called Buraki who wanted the Yuh Yi Joo for himself and would use that power to destroy the world. Buraki designed his army for that purpose as well. Buraki’s Artox army is shown to contain tiny western dragons called Bulcos among other creatures. Heaven could not allow Buraki this power and sent the Yuh Yi Joo into the body of a girl called Narin who lived in Korea in 1507, with warriors Haram and Bochun to protect her. A girl who houses the Yuh Yi Joo is marked with a dragon tattoo on her shoulder. Haram and Narin died as star crossed lovers in thwarting Buraki’s attempt to get the Yuh Yi Joo but the Yuh Yi Joo was offered neither to the good or bad Imoogi since Haram didn’t want Narin to die and was trying to change her fate. In 2007 Narin, Haram and Bochun are reborn as Sarah, Ethan and Jack. Jack keeps appearing in different forms to Ethan who is in love with Sarah telling him that Sarah has to be offered up since this is the only way humans will be a part of the cycle and there is no place Jack can take Sarah to escape her destiny. Ethan and Sarah have better luck in delivering the Yuh Yi Joo to the good Imogi where we get to see it transform into a celestial dragon. In it’s dragon form, the good Imoogi kills Buraki and along with Ethan and Sarah and rids the world of Buraki forever. Since Sarah offers the Yuh Yi Joo to the good Imoogi she dies but her spirit form tells Ethan that she will love him forever and that they will see each other again.

Beowulf’s dragon son


Appearance in: Beowulf (2007)

There are two instances of dragons in Beowulf. The first is when King Hrothgar tells the Geatish warrior Beowulf that if he managed to slay the monster Grendel who terrorized the Kings Mead Hall at Heorot, then the golden dragon horn, a symbol of Hrothgar’s victory over Fafnir the dragon of the Northern Moors, would belong to Beowulf. We don’t get to see the real Fafnir however. The golden dragon horn has a ruby under the neck of the dragon. The King tells Beowulf that there’s a soft spot under the neck of a dragon and that the only way to kill a dragon would be to go after it with a knife or dagger. It is later revealed that the monster Grendel was the son of Hrothgar and the last female Water Demon. Beowulf kills Grendel and is given the dragon horn. The Water Demon takes the form of the naked woman attired in jets of gold with a single golden braid that serves as her hair and tail. She tricks Beowulf into sleeping with her too, saying that she would give him riches and no harm would ever come to him if he held her in his heart, gave her a son and the golden dragon horn stayed with her. Years later the Water Demon returns the horn to Heorot where Beowulf is now King (after King Hrothgar committed suicide naming Beowulf heir) and says the agreement made before is now void. She sends Beowulf’s son to destroy the kingdom and the son takes the form of a golden dragon. Beowulf slays him by ripping out his heart using the trick Hrothgar told him about. Just before the two of them die Beowulf watches the dragon transform back to a golden humanoid version of his son, before the sea drags him away.

4. Dragons as Guardians of treasure



Appearance in: The Hobbit (2012), (2013) based on the book by J.R.R. Tolkien

Smaug lays siege to the Dwarf Kingdom of the Lonely Mountains and the town of Dale in his quest for hoarding it’s treasure. He destroys all the neighbouring lands around the Mountains which come to be known as the Desolation of Smaug. 150 years later, the wizard Gandalf and a party of 13 dwarves led by Thorin Oakshield journey to the Lonely Mountains with a hobbit Bilbo Baggins, whom they plan to use as a burglar, in an attempt to recover the Arkenstone, an heirloom of the tribe of Durin, slay the dragon and restore glory to the dwarves again. When Bilbo encounters Smaug, he discovers that some of the jewels Smaug has been lying in, has embedded itself into his belly, save one bare spot near his heart. Later Bard the Bowman shoots an arrow at that very spot killing Smaug. Smaug is famous for being voiced by the talented Benedict Cumberbatch who also plays Sherlock.

She Dragon from Shrek

l.Shrek, Dragon & Fiona_lg

Appearance in: Shrek (2001)

She Dragon is first discovered in Princess Fiona’s tower guarding treasure and slaughtering anyone braving the tower to save the Princess. Her conversion from a greedy, vicious beast concerned with riches and destruction into a tamed dragon who protects and aids Shrek and his companions can be tied down to her falling in love with Donkey whom she later marries and has hybrid children with. Although initially obsessed with treasure, her turning over a new leaf bears a stark contrast to Smaug.

D&D Dragon guarding the horn and treasure


Appearance in: Dungeons and Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness (2012)

Nhagruul the Foul was an evil sorcerer who spread despair throughout his mortal life. As he neared his end, he sold his soul to the demon lords of the Abyss. His skin was turned into pages, his bones into a cover, his blood became ink of pages and the Book of Vile Darkness was born. Anyone who looked into the Book became evil. The kingdom of Karkoth was consumed by evil until a group of warriors called the Knights of the New Sun arose and saved the people using amulets given to them by the God of light, Pelor. Using the amulet they channeled the God’s power and light overcame darkness. Such power could be wielded, owing to the purity of their hearts. The ink was destroyed by the Knights but the pages and the covers could not be recovered as the followers of Nhagruul  had them hidden. As people began to forget that Nhagruul existed, the power of the Knights dimmed. 2000 years later, a new Paladin named Grayson is recruited into the Knight order but like all Knights through the centuries, the power of the amulet is not granted to him by the God Pelor. However before he can even pout, all the Knights are killed and his father is abducted. Against his will he becomes part of an evil crew looking for the horn that will lead them to the cover of the Book. The crew comprises of a sorceress- Akordia, an assassin-Seith, a barbarian- Vimak, a vermin Lord- Bezz and Grayson. The horn is guarded by a dragon that is sleighed by Grayson, not by sword but by magic and he saves Akordia who falls in love with him. The horn leads them to encounter an undead child called a Slaymate, and finally to the cover of the Book. Akordia makes contact with the evil Lord Shathrax who has the pages of the Book and plans to extract the ink from the blood of the purest Knight- Grayson’s father. But because Grayson refuses to kill his father and reminds him that they must be the last beacon of hope, he is granted the power of Pelor and along with Akordia, he manages to stop Shathrax before he can complete making the book. Even though  they love each other, Akordia and Grayson part ways at the end because of their different natures.

5. Dragons as Destructors

Revelations Dragon


Appearance in: The Holy Bible-Revelations Chapter 12-The Woman & the Dragon

It’s ironical that this may be the only “real” dragon in existence. Revelations Chapter 12 titled The Woman and the Dragon in the Holy Bible tells the story of a pregnant woman standing on the moon with her dress made of the sun, wearing a crown of 12 stars. A huge red dragon with 7 heads, 10 horns and a crown on each head was waiting for her to give birth so that it could eat her baby. It is inferred that the woman was Mother Mary, the baby was Jesus and the dragon was Satan. The minute the baby was born it was taken by God to Heaven and the woman was safely transported to a desert on Earth. War broke out in Heaven and Michael and his angels defeated the dragon and his fallen angels who were thrown out of heaven and cast to Earth. Realising his time was short, the dragon went after the woman but since she was protected by Heaven and Earth he went after her descendants instead. Her descendants here refer to the faithful. It is a war that will go on till the end of time.

Male Dragon & Female dragons


Appearance in: Reign of Fire (2002)

So in Reign of Fire, dragons are real badass! Dragons have been hibernating under the earth and generally resurface after the earth repopulates. They were responsible for ending dinosaurs and now want to incarcerate humanity. Humans try to combat them with nuclear power in 2010 and nearly destroy the planet. In 2020, the surviving human race are hiding from the dragons in a castle. They discover that there is only one large male dragon present who impregnates the smaller female dragons to keep the dragon race going. So the game plan is bringing down the male dragon so that the dragon species cannot populate, which the survivors eventually do. The female dragons have a short life span of few months so they die out on their own.

Norbert/ Noberta the Norwegian Ridgeback


Appearance in: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001) based on the book by J.K. Rowling

In the Harry Potter series, dragons are portrayed as ferocious beasts incapable of being trained or domesticated, though Hagrid thinks they are “seriously misunderstood creatures”. However there are dragon keepers like Ron’s brother, Charlie Weasley who are trained to work with dragons in Romania. The first appearance of a dragon in the HP series is in the 1st movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where Hagrid illegally wins a dragon egg from a stranger in a pub. The egg hatches and the Norwegian Ridgeback that emerges is christened Nobert by Hagrid. Initially Hagrid tries to raise Nobert with Harry, Ron and Hermione helping him. But as Norbert grows up he becomes too dangerous and after Nobert injures Ron, Hagrid hands him over to the care of Charlie Weasley. We later come to know Norbert is actually a female so Charlie re-christened her Norberta.


Ahem this cutie is Charlie Weasley BTW

The Hungarian Horntail


Appearance in: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) based on the book by J.K. Rowling

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the 4 champions’ first task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament is retrieving a golden egg from 4 dragons transported to Hogwarts by Charlie Weasley and other keepers from Romania. Most prominent among these is the Hungarian Horntail that Harry faces, since it includes a thrilling broom chase and a flying fire-breathing dragon looking out to kill. The other dragons in the 1st task of the tournament include a Common Welsh Green faced by Fleur Delacour, a Swedish Short-Snout faced by Cedric Diggory and a Chinese Fireball faced by Victor Krum. These dragons are also portrayed as murderous and difficult to subdue.

The Ukrainian Ironbelly


Appearance in: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 (2011) based on the book by J.K. Rowling

The last prominent dragon features in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 in the form of the Ukrainian Ironbelly which guarded the Lestrange vault at Gringotts bank. Through a case of classical conditioning, the Ironbelly was trained to expect pain when it heard Clankers which was how the trio and the goblin Griphook break in. Later Harry, Ron and Hermione use the Ironbelly to escape the bank with the horcrux cup of Helga Hufflepuff, freeing the dragon in the process.

The Fire & Ice Dragon

ice_dragon_vs_fire_dragon-wallpaper-800x480 (1)

Appearance in: Fire & Ice-The Dragon Chronicles (2008)

When the Kingdom of Carpia is attacked by a fire dragon, King Augustin’s adviser Paxian urges him to seek the help of his neighbour King Quilok II whose kingdom is the only one un-attacked because unknown to them all, he houses a dracone (dragon’s egg). King Austin’s daughter Princess Luisa who doesn’t trust the adviser goes in search of the Knight Alidor who was renowned for being the only knight to have slain an ice dragon for King Quilok I. She journeys to the Izma Forest where she suspects the knight is hiding (after being wrongfully banished by King Quilok’s son who lied saying the Knight was plotting to take over the throne), only to run into the knight’s son Gabriel and his guardian/inventor Sangimel who tell her Alidor is dead. However knights pass on secrets of the trade to their children. Together the three of them hatch a plan to release the ice dragon out of its lair to defeat the fire dragon using the dracone which they steal from Quilok II. The ice dragon defeats the fire dragon while Gabriel defeats the ice dragon by drawing it to a salt mine. Here both the fire and ice dragon wreck havoc on the people of Carpia and the surrounding kingdoms, feeding on them when they are not destroying the villages and murdering the villagers. Sangimel says dragons are born out of malevolence and will destroy anything in their path, save a dracone since it is their offspring which explains why Quilok’s kingdom remained unharmed when he had the dracone in his possession. Dragons of different species also cannot stand to be near each other which is what causes the battle between the fire and ice dragons. Legends say that the ice dragon was the more powerful one which explains its victory over the fire dragon.

Golden Dragons & Red Dragons


Appearance in: Dungeons &Dragons (2000)

Izmir is governed by the Empress Savina but her government is run by mages, elite magic users who are using magic to oppress the common folk. Since the Empress holds the golden scepter she controls golden dragons but uses the scepter for good, although she isn’t taken seriously by the mages and her revolutionary ideas of wanting to do good are penned down to her youthfulness. The evil mage Profion wants to control golden dragons, overthrow the Empress and seize power and tries to create an equal scepter to do that but fails. When he kills a golden dragon its blood mixes with the river which in turn catches fire. Ridley and Snails, two common thieves, break into the  Magic school to steal magical items which they plan to sell. Marina, a librarian, captures them and is about to escort them to prison when she witnesses her master dying trying to protect the map which leads to the rod of Savrille which controls the red dragons. He entrusts it to her care and she escapes with Ridley and Snails. Together with a dwarf called Elwood and the Empress’s tracker, an elf called Norda, they decide to find the rod. In order to get the rod they require the dragon’s eye, a fist sized ruby to open the dragon scepter’s vault.  They get the ruby but Marina gets captured by Damodar, Profion’s henchman who takes the map. Off to rescue her,  Ridley saves Marina but Snails gets killed by Damodar  though not before giving Ridley the map. Ridley gets mortally wounded but Norda’s people the elves heal him. Ridley and Marina fall in love with each other. Ridley manages to use the map to locate the rod but gives it up to Damodar to save his friends who have once again been captured. Ridley hitches a ride back through a portal that Damodar uses to go to the city of Sumdall where the Empress is using the golden dragons to defeat Profion. When Profion uses the rod of Savrille the battle between the golden dragons and red dragons ensue. Ridley manages to kill Damodar avenging Snail’s death and destroys the rod when he realizes it does more evil than good. The Empress defeats Profion who is devoured by a golden dragon. The Empress passes a law putting commoners and mages on equal ground. Ridley visits Snail’s grave, places the eye of the dragon on his tomb and  says his final goodbyes when the tomb erases Snail’s name carved in stone and the dragon’s eye starts glowing. Confused he is urged by Norda not to question what has happened  but to go to Snails who is waiting for him. Norda, Elwood, Marina and Ridley join hands over the dragon’s eye and disappear. Although golden dragons are used for good and red dragons for evil, both are used as controlled forces to destroy either side at some point.

Falazure-Dragon Deity of Undeath & Decay


 Appearance in: Dungeons & Dragons-Wrath of the Dragon God (2005)

100 years after the incidences of Dungeons & Dragons (2000), we learn that Damodar is still alive after being killed by Ridley, as a curse placed on him by his master Profion caused him to come back as an undead entity. He locates the orb of Falazure which is linked to the power of Falazure, an evil dragon diety, who was trapped beneath Saragasso’s mountain 3000 years ago by a powerful ancient civilization called the Turanians. While using the orb to heal himself, Damodar is preparing to awaken Falazure to destroy Izmir as he blames the descendants of Ridley for what happened to him. Meanwhile, Lord Berek is tasked by the King of Izmir to locate the orb while his wife a mage called Melora along with the Council of Mages is tasked with finding a way to use the orb to defeat the dragon. Melora is cursed by Damodar when trying to locate the orb but hides this from Berek. Berek finds the orb with the aid of Lux-a barbarian warrior known for her strength, Dorian- a cleric of Obad-Hai known for his knowledge, Ormaline-a wizard elf known for her wisdom and Nim- a thief known for his stealth and secret ways. The first instance of a dragon in this movie is a gigantic ice dragon that almost manages to slay Berek and his motley crew, sent to deter them from their mission by Damodar. Killing the dragon, they locate the vault of Malek, which leads them to the Pool of Sight and to Damodar. They manage to get the orb from Damodar and deliver it to the mages, but a spy of Damodar cloaking himself as a mage delivers it back to Damodar who releases Falazure with the orb. Berek captures Damodar and cancels Melora’s curse and Melora manages to decipher the Turanian’s secret magical methods and uses it to defeat Falazure who is imprisoned beneath the earth. Damodar is locked inside a prison cell in Izmir and smiles contemplating his next escape and revenge plan in darkness.

6. Dragons as Wise Advisers/ Mentors



Appearance in: BBC’s Merlin (2008-2012)

Kilgharrah is the Great Dragon imprisoned by Uther Pendragon in a cave under the royal castle in Camelot. When Merlin comes to Camelot, Kilgharrah senses his presence and guides Merlin to him. They form an unlikely friendship and Kilgharrah guides Merlin in his task for protecting Arthur and uniting Albion. A wise dragon, he speaks in riddles, gives warnings, possesses foresight and is capable of magic, some of which he uses at times to help Merlin. Though going back on his promise the first time, Merlin ultimately frees Kilgharrah and uses his power as a Dragonlord to ban the dragon from Camelot. Merlin continues to call upon the dragon even after he issues the ban and it is Kilgharrah who comforts Merlin when Arthur dies. Merlin and he don’t always see eye to eye but there is a mutual sense of love and respect between the two, which they acknowledge from time to time.

7. Dragons as Guardians/ Protectors

Aithusa & Morgana Pendragon


Appearance in: BBC’s Merlin (2011-2012)                                

Merlin rescues the last remaining dragon egg in the Tomb of Ashkanar from the clutches of Julius Borden who wanted to use the egg for power. Merlin takes the egg to Kilgharrah who tells him a dragon egg can only be opened by a Dragonlord who gives the un-hatched dragon a name. Merlin names the dragon using his sexy Dragonlord voice and Aithusa is born. Later however Aithusa bonds with Morgana Pendragon after saving her from death and being imprisoned and tortured with her for three years. Because of the trauma suffered, Aithusa cannot speak but continues to use his magic to aid Morgana until the time she meets her death. Aithusa means “Light of the Sun”.

Mushu & Mulan


Appearance in: Mulan (1998)

A disgraced guardian spirit who failed to protect one of the Fa Ancestors- Mushu, now a gong ringer is tasked to awaken the Stone Dragon to bring Mulan home when she escapes to join the army. When he accidentally destroys the statue of the Stone Dragon, he takes on the role of Mulan’s guardian and protector and aims to turn her into a war hero, thus enhancing his position in front of the spirits of the ancestors. He advices her constantly on how to fit the role of a man in the army. In time he apologises to her and reveals his selfish intentions stating that he will stick with her no matter what happens. Mulan however does not bring dishonor to her family but plays a key role in defeating the Huns with Captain Li Shang and is declared a war hero, bringing glory to Mushu whose fate is now the guardian of Fa Mulan. Despite seeming arrogant, impulsive, selfish and short-tempered he is also comical, tough, loyal and loves Mulan and Crickee the cricket and will do anything to protect them.

Draco & Bowen


Appearance in: Dragonheart (1996)

Following the death of his tyrannical King father, when the Saxon Prince Einon is mortally wounded, the Prince’s mother begs the help of a dragon to save his life in the presence of the Knight Bowen who is the Prince’s mentor. The dragon replaces the prince’s heart with half of its own, under the oath that the Prince will not rule in the same cruel manner of his father. The Prince lives but becomes crueler than his father. Bowen, thinking that Einon’s manner has something to do with the heart of the dragon, goes on a dragon killing spree. When he kills all but the last one, Draco the dragon who gave the Prince his half heart tells him that it was not his heart that corrupted the Prince but that the Prince was already corrupt to begin with. Draco along with the Knight and the peasant girl Kara hatch a plan to overthrow Einon’s rule. At Avalon, the resting place of King Arthur, Draco tells Bowen that at the time when dragons were old and man was young, the wisest of all dragons took pity on man and tasked all dragons with the protection of humans. When the wise one died, the night skies lit up and the dragon’s heaven was born. But not all dragons could go there when they died. They had to earn it or their spirit would merely fade away into nothingness. Draco was afraid that in trying to go some good in giving the Prince his heart, he had done a great evil and would not enter dragon’s heaven upon death. However in order to kill Einon, Bowen finally has to kill Draco as the life force of the two are tied together and because of Draco’s sacrifice, Draco takes his rightful place among the stars shining down on earth from dragon’s heaven.

You made it all the way to the end? Bless you for your patience. I hope you found the article hot. The End.

PS: Remember it’s a dragon who actually sets fire to the rain, not Adele

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    • Hi! Off-topic topics are always welcome! I started my blog on wordpress which is free so it didn’t cost me a penny at all. It gives you the basic blogging setup and if you want extra features that’s when u have to pay. Since I was happy with the minimal features I don’t pay anything. I think sites like wordpress exist so that people who love to write simply can. You can create and set up your blog account using wordpress or any other free blogging sites All the best with your blog!

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