Halloween’s child




(This poem was created for Sruthi Grace Abraham who celebrates her birthday today – 31st October 2014-on Halloween!!! How wicked is that??? This poem is, was and always will  be hers, but is also dedicated to every “soul” -see what I did there?-who celebrates their birthday today)

The veil between worlds thins with the coming of moonlight
Behold, we share the earth today with the children of the night
This day isn’t frightful as Halloween normally suggests
Methinks those who are born on this day are supernaturally blessed

Magical like witches, strong like wolves
Mischievous as leprechauns, they break all the rules
Always seeing through people, a ghostly quality
Anything they say or do seems wizardly witty

Pure as unicorns, yet with devilish charm
As right as elves and seldom wrong
Precious like the gold that the dwarves protect
They always tend to sparkle just like the Cullens

Hard-working like gnomes, playful like pixies
With the patience of angels and grace of fairies
If challenged by meanies, like satyrs they will fight
If left alone like mermaids, they will swim with the tide

Drop-dead gorgeous, as tempting as sirens
Passion burns within them like the fire of dragons
Cheerful merrymakers like Shire-loving hobbits
Their love for knowledge must come from the sphinx

Troll you they won’t but club you they can with their honesty
Like brownies they like to keep things neat and tidy
Free as nymphs, they try to maintain the peace
Frosty they may appear, but they’re fuzzily warm just like the Snow Queen

Genie-like wishful thinkers, they don’t need lamps
They leave their mark on the world, like the imprints of hooves of a centaur’s stamp
Living life to the fullest like giants atop a beanstalk
Like phoenixes, for them life always goes on, it never stops

O’ Halloween child, your birthday is more treat that trick
You can have candy with your cake, like a proud Hippogriff
It’s your day my precious, as Gollum might say
Have a fantastical out-of-this-world birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Sruthi!!! We love you-Zul, Neo & Dharu


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